Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Triple Bogie

We have now been in the MTC 3 days past what we were supposed to be, hence the title. And as such I literally have nothing exciting to share. So I'll just share all of what I've learned from prison.

As fun as it may sound, don't be deceived. Prison isn't a good idea. Prison Break is a TV show, actual prison is not at all as exciting. So first, I have officially decided I will NEVER commit a felony because I swear I will not go through this again. Pay your parking tickets family, a couple dollars isn't worth prison time.

Patience is much easier said than done. I have had to exercise a lot of it. And it doesn't get much easier. But good news is you grow. And by the end of this I'm gonna be a patience guru, I'm pretty much becoming pro. However, the take home from this is don't pray to learn patience, you will definitely regret that hahah

From all my stories about my tongban I'm sure you could gather I've also had to learn how to love people that are on the opposite side of the spectrum from you. And I've found it really is possible to love anyone. So I'm proud to say that I'm a much more loving guy than I used to be. I love everyone. Except the travel office. I'm still mad at those bast......bad people. (I know, I'm a missionary.)

I've met so many sick elders here. We've been planning out our life after the mission haha. Basically we're backpacking the world and owning all the International markets. We've all become so tight. If anything has been great about the MTC it's been being around all these sick bros.

My tongban left for Australia today! :D That lucky elder. On a big jet plane. But it's cool now because I get to choose which elders I want to be in a Tripanionship with. so I have no complaints.

As of today I still have no idea where I'm being reassigned to or where I'm going but we have gathered a list of all the possibilities we know of so far.

Boise (the best of them all hahaha)
San Francisco
Long Beach

So I'm stoked because there's some sick places on this list. Everyone let me know their guess!! I'll be sure to send out any news as soon as I get it. Hopefully by this coming Wednesday or Thursday I'll have my travel plans.

That's all. Not much to report at all. Keep it up and remember life is beautiful.

Jin ZhangLao
Elder Jensen

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