Monday, April 11, 2016


This week of course was made big with Conference. It was a good last one for me as a missionary. Probably because it was all about families and marriage and that crap. Haha. It made me more excited for the future! So job well done I guess.

I love my mission and I love Taiwan. This is literally what every RM has always told me and it is very true, your mission land becomes your promise land. I find so much beauty in every where I go, everyone I talk to, and everything around me. Taiwan is the place man. The Chinese people are all amazing.

There were some funny things that happened this week. As we were pulling into our parking lot to the apartment building, there is that plastic guard bar that raises up for you. I have been here for a while, so I know to just ride around it and dodge it, but my poor companion Elder Zhu didn't and PLOWED right into it!! There was a super loud snap and I actually jumped, but when I saw him and saw he was ok, I busted up laughing watching him trying to pick the bar back up. It was bent so badly that the apartment manager just sawed it off. Elder Zhu stayed up on his bike with only minor bruises. Super funny!

The other was we were super rushed last friday night, we had a lesson at 4:30, a dinner at 5:00, then had to be to the train station by 5:50. It was coming down to it and Elder Davidson and I were booking it, except all the 3 minutes stoplights... then once at the station, we hopped off our bikes and sprinted like crazy!!! I made it all the way down to the platform and stood at the open doors for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, the bell rang, I panicked because there was still no companion, then the doors shut and the train was in motion when finally my companion little legs appear coming down the stairs onto the wrong platform. Needless to say we didn't get where we needed to go. But everyone needs the typical mission experiences like this one right? haha

We played frisbee on the beach last week as a district. It was the first time I've played a sports game in so long. Very much looking forward to intramurals at college.

I loved Elder Renlund's talk perhaps the most. I have been so blessed. Blessed that I am here in Taiwan on my mission, blessed I can learn Chinese, blessed to have met so many lifelong friends as I have, blessed to have everyday experiences that are unreal, blessed to be alive... Yet amidst these blessings, I still sometimes think that I wish I had more or I think I deserve more for all the good things I'm doing or for my money I'm spending or time I'm using... the list goes one. I ought not to allow myself to have even the slightest sense of entitlement to anything. I have been blessed beyond measure, much more than I deserve. I was humbled.

Life is good. Love it.

Have a great week!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Probably the one thing that happened this week that is worth mentioning is a quick one. Of course it was April Fools and I had some fun with that, however, you're only allowed to have so much fun with people without being disobedient to any mission standards and rules...

So this one was last Monday. And it was really unfortunate, I felt bad that it happened because it really freaked me out. We contacted a man sitting alone and started talking with him. He was from Australia and had some interesting mannerisms about him, which I don't discriminate, but it was obvious. I just made the mistake of giving him my number... 

He left and we moved on to the next person. However, it wasn't even a couple minutes into that next contact that I had that same man come running up into my grill and sticking his head next to my chest to see what my name was. The first thing he says is "I'm so lost right now." Then proceeds to say "I'm homosexual. Is that allowed in your church? Are you homosexual too?" I was put on the spot and was still trying to be polite about it and warmly replied, "Christianity for the most part does not promote homosexuality and no I am heterosexual myself sorry." And he shouts out "I just think you're SOOO handsome!! Just wanted to say that!" running off giggling to catch back up with his partner. 

I should've just laughed it off. But I was too creeped out honestly. It was almost like I had a similar experience to a poor little girl who has that creepy man creeping on to her..(which honestly is a good experience for me to have, I'll be much more protective with my daughters against those creeps in the future.) And then to top it off, he started harassing us hard core between texts and phone calls that I finally called the mission office to have his number blocked that night.

I am now always on the lookout for Milton when I walk those streets. It's unfortunate what damage behavior like that can cause to someone.

Homosexual and even heterosexual couples can do whatever they want to do, I'm not going to try to say what they do is wrong or try to restrict their agency. But I won't sympathize to crap like that.

Other than that, it was a decent week of sun! Which i was obviously stoked for. Here comes the sun. And I say, it's all right.

Love you all!


Today we woke up to blue skies and sunshine. It was in my face for my morning run. The gentle wind pushed us along on our way to the chapel. All the while I'm thinking, "Is this real?"

You tend to forget that the sun and skies exist when you don't see them for nearly a month. It's sort of surreal in a sense.

The last night of rain before the sun came, it was freezing cold. The wind was blowing hard. I was on exchanges with Elder Xiao from southern Taiwan. We were walking this long narrow street looking for an address. There for a split moment I thought, "Here I am. Freezing cold to the marrow of my bones. Walking in the swamp of my shoes. A mixture of loud traffic and wild wind blowing blaring in my ear drums. Surrounded by an impossible language. In a strange land far from home......"

The next thought was, "This rocks."

Missions are an inexpressibly beautiful thing. My prayer of gratitude was sent out in that moment for the grace of God that allowed me to have such an opportunity. Truly everything we experience in life is by the grace of God, even though we may only recognize that when we feel good or when things are going well for us.

We talked with a mother of one of our LA's this week who brought some of these thoughts into my head. She is definitely fully Christian, but in the most possible Buddhist sense. Her talking to us about existence in general was very thought provoking. She told us that the hand of God is in everything about us, and we all abound continuously in His grace.

It is by His grace that I could have this experience. It is by His grace that I could learn all that I have learned. It is by His grace that I could associate with whom I have. It is by His grace that I can share this beautiful message of love. It is by His grace that we make the world a better place. It is by His grace that mine and others' lives can be changed. It is by His grace that we can make our trials sweet. It is by His grace that we are healed. It is by His grace that we are saved.

I'm especially grateful for the His abundant grace in watching out for my friend in Brussels. And grateful that Elder Empey's voice of hope and love can now be carried to people across the world. Sometimes while in our darkest hours, by His grace, our power of influence is made it's greatest. Joseph (unintended pun) of Egypt proved that long ago. There is still so much love in the world, and surely by His grace it will always win.

Have a great week! Love you all!