Tuesday, February 24, 2015

GuoNian KuaiDaole!!

Chinese new year is this coming week and I am so stoked to party it up the Chinese style!! And eat till my stomach explodes :-)

Again, I don't have much time today, sorry. Just been playing too hard lately I guess. Today it is into the mountains and to a gnarly looking waterfall that you can hike around. Super stoked. And it is a lovely day to make things all the better.

Taiwan is gorgeous. Hope you all know that.

This week I bagged the scrips for a personal study to read over a bit about what Chinese religion and thinking is all about and I discovered it is a very beautiful thing. But also very hard for us Westerners to understand because it is basically 100% different from our culture. But hopefully with my new enlightenment I can go about teaching in a different style and a different approach to things and people around me. I'll let you know how that goes.

They send us on missions to teach the people. We come home being taught by the people.

This week has been really tiring for me, maybe because my diet this past week has sucked. So that is my goal for the rest of the mission, hold off on the chocolates and weird fried stuff and stick to my guavas and oranges and eggs!!

Life is great! Love you all!!

Taiwan has these dope fisherman. And this is a cool picture. So yeah.

this is my companion. and this is my photo that will be starred on the front cover of the next vogue magazine. :-)

made it out to the coast for the first time on my mission. too bad it was dark..

coldstone tastes so much better in Taiwan..

nothing like them chinese temples!!

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