Sunday, March 27, 2016


This week rained everyday for the 2 week in a row. And next week's horizons will also be gray. I'm starting to wonder if the sun exists anymore lol. Asian Springtime...

This week's will also be short. We really just focused in on the work again. And as such it went very quick. We only had a couple experiences that stick out.

One morning I woke up and I looked at the window and thought that it was covered in water from condensation. I went to wipe the window and none of it came off. It was fog that was so thick you couldn't see more than 100 yrds in front of you. We still went out and ran in it. It was nuts running along that track and literally having people like pop up out of the fog on you. The fog here is intense.

While we were waiting for our lunch appointment, we stopped and talked with a lady here from Argentina studying. I love foreigners here in Taiwan, they usually have something in common in that they come here to get away from the world. Because Taiwan is literally the safest place on the planet, and it's also one of the most crowded and work-aholic environments you can find, it's actually pretty easy to come here and get lost for a while. It sounds fun or nice maybe at the first sound of it, however as I was speaking to her, I was grateful that I have people that I like in this world and can get along with. I like that I have friends and family that I want to be with and not just run away from. This woman was very professional though and her work was definitely honorable. She also thanked us for the chat, she seemed to really enjoy what we shared with her. Open-minds. They are very nice for a change.

Last little small thing, I literally cannot call anyone without calling all the wrong people first. To the point that now when I call members of my district, they usually make me say who I am speaking to to confirm that I know who I am trying to talk to and who I actually am talking to lol. So this week while we were eating dinner I called some sisters in preparation for a meeting we were having with our stake president. She answers, I start speaking, she didn't know who President Cai was at first, knew nothing of the appointment we had, but kept going along with what I was saying. I thought it was weird at first but I keep just babbling away until after 5 minutes I think to look at who I called. I promptly apologized.

You get too many things running through your head and how do you keep everything together?


Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Springtime fog 

Guess which desk is mine!!! The mission has taught me cleanliness!

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