Friday, October 3, 2014

Amazing last story and I'm off!

also. I'll tell you the highlight of the week. last Friday we went to dinner at a families home and when we got there, we met this Austrian couple who only spoke German who were staying with this family for a while. I guess the husband of the family found them on his mission and baptized them. but anyways, they were very spiritual people. very kind. but we didn't understand a word each other was saying. so that was fun hahaha. but she told the husband who then translated for us that she wanted to tell us a story about why alcohol and drugs are bad for you. she starts speaking and doesn't really stop for the husband to translate for us so he just doesn't and sits quietly and listens. but you know, he didn't even have to translate. I don't speak a WICK of German. but I completely understood her story. and was picturing it all in my head as she was going. cliche as it sounds I even forgot she wasn't speaking my language during the story haha. but at the end after having comprehended it all she still hadn't told us what became of the man the story was about. so I asked her. and she gave me that confused look and I was like WOAH! that's right you don't speak English! so the husband asked for me and then she proceeded and I caught most of that as well. but I was literally blown away. one because it was a powerful story of love and charity. but two because when the freak have I ever been able to fully comprehend a story that's in German? a language I only know like 10 words in, max haha. the gift of the interpreting of tongues took on a whole new meaning for me there. it was the coolest thing after to realize what had just happened.

me and Arrington (Ogden)

departing picture with Pres Hiers

4 weeks late but I am on my way!

12 hour flight Los Angeles to Tokyo boarding now then on to Taipei

Peace out!

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