Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ZuiBang de ChuanJiao

Translation is I friggin love Taiwan! bahah. This week hasn't been as hectic as my past ones have been but still good none the less. 
love this place from the bottom of my heart

The Taiwanese people are straight up boss and absolutely hilarious! Lisa, Asians really as SOOO direct about everything they say! It cracks me up honestly! Yesterday at church, one of our LA's shows up and the first thing he says to me is "Elder Jensen, you've gotten so much thinner!" I laughed and said I don't think I did?? Then one of our recent converts walks in directly after and once again that is the thee very first thing she says to me. "AH WahSai! You're so skinny!" I just laughed it off because I don't know what they are talking about, I'm still going on my original 165lbs since I entered the field hahah

As for a food update. I have now added the delicacies of Chicken Butt, pig liver, Pig ears, and chicken feet. I hated the pig ear, especially since there was still hair all over it, but other than that I still haven't run into anything that I don't like yet. That's been awesome. Breakfast is to die for here. And the fruit. And man, Tricia and Darren, those pineapple breads you were saying they have all over in HongKong are all over Taiwan too. And they are SOOO delicious!! Really the food here is so good. I can't get enough of it. Me and Willes haven't had anything western since I got here.

chicken anus.. hai hao.. also, yep, my hair is that short bahahaha

pig ear...

Some crazy cool things happened last night. Willes was kind enough to let me take over the lesson when we went out finding last night. It was a major confidence booster. I straight up had a full out lesson with this random chick we walked up to on the Restoration then I invited her to baptism and she said yes, after she kept meeting with us of course. But still that was so rad. I love love being able to communicate in Chinese. The secret to languages is to have no fear of people and try to stretch yourself, even when they aren't understanding super clearly. But thats part of the fun hahah the language barrier is hilarious, though I will admit, sometimes frustrating because things like "ZhuJiao" mean both bishop and pig foot and if you don't make yourself sound angry when you say "Jiao" then you insult your bishop!! Bhahahah Chinese is so quirky it cracks me up!!! 

Guys, life is so good! Life is so fun. live it up! A highlight from this week, we were just leaving the apartment after studies riding to lunch when this random lady stops us at a crosswalk and shouts she's going to buy us bread and don't move then runs away!! so Willes and I just sat there for a second and were like wha.... hahah so this lady comes out and hands us these two delicious pastries and wishes us a good day. I yell back thank you and she turns around and throws her whole body into waving goodbye to us and smiling sooo big! That caught me so off guard and made me love life so much I went and bought two homeless guys lunch hahah. Your influence really does affect people for the better so much!! not that you have as much opportunities like this back in stg, but I encourage everyone to go out and make someones day! I decided I want to be just like that lady when I get older and just go make a bunch of random people's days. people here are so nice I honestly don't understand!

We did some service for this waiguoren (foreigner) the other day and his neighbor comes out and starts talking to us and offering us cash and what not for doing service for her neighbor hahah SUCH a nice lady! but we wouldn't take her money so she gives us stuff for lunch. just another example of how nice the taiwanese really are.

It's hilarious finding people on the street! Willes and I will pull up next to people and start talking to them in funny asian-american accents in english and they'll either say like good or hello and then just laugh because they are talking to a foreigner, which isnt very common in these parts I'm finding haha. The other hilarious thing is I do lots of dumb things and people will just look at me like "youre crazy you almost just got hit by that car" or "wow americans have no manners" and then I always just yell back at them "its all ok I'm just a waiguoren so I don't know how to be polite!" this usually makes them laugh and smile again. people are obsessed with us waiguoren here I can't even tell you how many pictures they make us take a day with them.

I'm also contacting and teaching people from dalu, or mainland China, so thats cool. I really am in China on my mission just like I had always felt I would be. This place rocks. through and through.

Love you all a ton!! miss you keep up the good work everyone is amazing!!

Jīn ZhǎngLǎo
Elder Jensen
me and this shuaige haha

the before shot of my bike

after shot she looks beast now am I right? haha

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