Monday, October 26, 2015

October 11, 2015

I'm not in the "writing weekly emails" mood right now. Let it suffice to say this was such a fun week. I love Taiwan. I love life.

The funny experience of the week happened at our LA's house up on the mountain in a traditional style (two centuries old at least) house. We went to her neighbors house in the other wing of the building to teach her. As I set my stuff down, I noticed a massive spider chilling up on the wall holding what I thought was a stone honestly at the time. Elder Dong tells the old Amah right before we begin our lesson with our LA and Amah leaves the room. We start singing a hymn with our LA who actually loves to sing. And sings loudly for that matter! Seconds later Amah returns with her big swatter and starts hammering that spider hard! Of course, what I thought was a stone turned out to be her baby pouch that exploded with mini spiders all over our stuff on the chair below and kept smacking them everywhere while we are trying to keep it together and just sing! Elder Dong and I couldn't do it. We busted up. But our LA held it together. We finished the hymn successfully and Amah killed them all about 20 minutes later. Good times.

Next week I might write a better one. Have a good week!
Carrying on the tradition of getting Thai after Conference.  It was to die for!

The best Wonton Noodles in Taiwan happens to be run by our member.

Taiwanese cockroaches are much tastier than they are back in America!

Living in paradise.

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