Sunday, October 4, 2015


Today is my "year on island" mark. Technically. I guess really we set foot on Taiwanese soil last night? But today is my first full day! This morning I was pondering back on how crazy its already been a year. This past year has easily the richest year of my life.

My title means "Deliverance". This past week we also were able to go down to Taipei again to attend some of the training meetings for Elder Dong. It reminded me a lot of the same meetings I attended 6 months ago with Elder Miner. (Where does time go?) Back then, I had no idea what I would be shortly in for. That period of time following my call to train the first time wasn't the most smooth period of time for me. Lots of rocky patches that made me wonder if I would survive. I remember thinking back then how when the day finally came that I was "delivered" from all that pain, I would use this title. Long story short, today is the day. Today my life rocks!

I didn't take hardly any pictures this week, I'm sorry ahead of time.

Last P-day we made it down to Taipei Main Station mall to eat some good food. A couple from Sweden came and sat next to us. I tried my best at telling them the places in Stockholm I thought were beautiful. I guess my Swedish accent could use some work. They couldn't understand me lol. Maybe it's my bloody Taiwanese accent now.. Its a real thing sadly.

Then after that we were locked up inside for the night because the Typhoon was so intense. This year we've had so many!! I love these crazy experiences. Also, lots of earthquakes here as well lately..

You all would love to know that there is a family that is here for a while living in our ward from Logan. They are all super young, but they brought a girl over with them who is a senior in high school, the first high school American I have seen since I got here probably. There was a bit of a miscommunication between the mom and my comp, so we assumed the girl wasn't a member and Elder Dong made me be the one to go get her number. I talked to her, found out she was actually a member, and discovered my ability to talk to white girls no longer exists. That was a fun discovery...

There was an art festival going on all weekend in Danshui. That was so dang fun! There were all these local bands out on their stages rocking. It made me miss concerts. I'm going to a million more before I die!

The most interesting experience was last night. We ran into a Divination Guru. He taught me how to see ghosts. The secret is if you look into the shadows long enough they appear. We talked to the "Road People" around us together for a few minutes. The most entertaining part of it was I don't think he ever felt me pulling his leg. Elder Dong and I laughed about that one all night!

I might be becoming Taiwanese. I speak Chinese all day everyday. I eat Chinese food all day everyday. I am always the only white kid within a 3 miles radius. I never thought the day would come when I would say that my best friend is a Taiwanese kid, but I seriously love Elder Dong so much.

Time is going too fast now.

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow ;-) Seriously though.

Elder Dong and I eating like kings

Elder Miller and I together for a night

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