Monday, September 28, 2015


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!! 

Apparentally this holiday is usually pretty happening, like halloween in a sense, but not at all either. That is, when it's not ruined by a typhoon. We are lucky to be having our 4th one this year. But I mean, Saint George never had any typhoons so its still an awesome experience!

I have eaten so many moon cakes here its ridiculous! Hopefully those fat calories don't add up to much against me...

Last night was especially fun as we went to a member's house and had ourselves a feast! The Taiwanese know how to throw a party!

This week had some fun things occur, mostly in regards to crazy transfers. Last Friday was supposed to be our normal transfer meeting, but it didn't happen because the group that was supposed to come in once again had VISA issues. So I was not planning on anything happening. Until Wednesday afternoon, we go to visit an LA in the hospital, and just as I go in to give a Priesthood blessing, I was interrupted by a curious telephone call from President Jergensen. So of course I answer. He tells me there were three people coming in the next day and I would be training one of them! I was so stoked!

It ended up there were some flight delays so I ended up not getting my new companion until two days later, but it was worth the wait.

We get Elder Brandley all packed up and head down to Taipei Friday morning. I get into the office and wait for a few minutes before President calls us all in to his office. When he told me I would be training Elder Dong, from Tainan (southern Taiwan), I was stoked out of my mind! 

So I'm training my first native companion (theres like 4 total Taiwanese elders in the mission right now) in my favorite area. Elder Dong and I had to have been friends before, it feels like we've known each other for years already! These next two transfers will be my favorite ones. I'm so dang stoked!

Funny thing from yesterday, embarrassing on my part, but a result of being on a mission for a while now. We go contact a man who ended up being from Buenos Aires Argentina. So here we have an Argentine, a Taiwanese, and an American trying to communicate in the most broken English I've ever spoken bahaha. At first I was the one laughing as I was the only one who could really speak English, but someone mentioned Jinobili from the San Antonio Spurs being from Argentina and I literally had no idea who they were talking about for like 5 minutes. I have forgotten everything to do with sports, movies, music, anything, you name it, I don't remember anything about it. LOL.

But besides that, this week was the best. Elder Dong and I have stayed up late talking every night thus far, so that will have to change if I am going to survive. I love my mission.

Have a good week!

Mid-Autumn Festival feast! (missing some dishes)

Three generations

Costco mega cinnamon roll

Chips, Salsa and Guacamole for English class!

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