Monday, September 14, 2015


Time goes surprisingly super fast. Last Monday feels like yesterday. You want to know the secret? Turn back to the good old days and tell time by the sun and less by the seconds on the watch. I haven't had an issue with this, but I've had to teach a lot of my companions this principle! It's always a good reminder to yourself though, right?

Of course you must still watch the time because you are pressed for time everyday in everything you do. It's ridiculous.

We had our weekly district meeting which is pretty ordinary, except we made homemade waffles which was unreal to me that there were legit waffles with legit syrup in front of me. (the maker only made one waffle at a time though and there were six of us so.... it was a wait. but it was worth it I guess?)

Friday was the highlight though! We had an outdoor zone conference, so for those who know how I feel about hiking and being outdoors, it was the best time of my life. We even saw cows! 陽明山 sits just north of Taipei which is a considerably prominent mountain. It's so dang cool! We got on a big bus early in the morning and got up there before the big crowds of people. It was honestly peaceful. And the air was clean. And the mountain streams had crabs in them. What better?!

I felt really inspired to make sure I'm taking advantage of every opportunity I have out here to become really fluent in Chinese. It opens so many doors for the future!

The funny (but frustrating at the time) thing that occurred this week was as we were passing out fliers for our English Class which we hold on Wednesday nights. Pretty harmless, its just an English Class we teach for free and share a little about the church just before we end. But there comes this woman minister who looked far too old to still be having cycles that starts shouting at me. Included in her remarks to me were, "Stop spreading this hypocrisy! You are all heretics! Taiwan does not welcome you here! Leave and never come back!" When I ignored her and continued, she planted herself right at my side everyone that I attempted to hand a flier to she blocked with her hands and would say, "Dont you dare touch that! They are heretics!" Surprisingly, people would still take it and laugh at her while I was as well. It was a riot. But when there was a break in people she looks at me and says, "I have a right to stand here and do this just as much as you do! Look, Jesus loves you, but you cannot be 'saved'. Stop deceiving these people with this nonsense. I'm a minister. I know you hate the Bible! Leave Taiwan!" 

That is now the second time I have been told by someone else that they hate me and want me to leave Taiwan forever. However, I was grateful for the entertainment she provided in the end. It was a fun little competition for me. If I see her in the kingdom of God at the last day, it'll make for a good laugh together, won't it? 

Yesterday we biked an 89 degree hill. It was nasty big. Danshui is full of them. Mountain biking at home will be child's play for me at this rate.

Hope you all have a great week!!

陽明山 (YangMingShan)

my zone

Sunsets are crazy beautiful here. You can look directly at the sun too!

This beach is legit.

Tom and Elder Willes ( his trainer)

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