Monday, September 21, 2015


Some weeks truly fly on your mission. Perhaps the biggest reason is love. But here are some highlights first:

Last Monday, we made it out to the zoo for my third time now. Something about seeing the same animals in the same positions in the same cage didn't interest me too much. But my companion was a little kid in a candy store. I actually enjoyed being there again.

Tuesday I was planning on going on another ordinary exchange. Little did I know that we would be called on to go to the temple for the night to help with baptisms! I'm pretty sure that is as rare as it comes for a missionary. When getting there, we found out we would be for sure doing it. I got dressed and was way excited to step into some water for the first time in forever! And better yet, I was the one of the group called on to do the baptizing! I had over 100 baptisms in a single night. I wonder how many missionaries could measure up to that? :-)

Baptism night! If you look close my hair is still wet!

One of the names was from 17 AD. Cool thing here in Taiwan is they have their family lines traced pretty well.

On the way home, we decided to take a quick pitstop with the RC that was with us to get him his first Krispy Kreme donut to try. I ended up getting, get this, a donut with a mountain of ice cream and chocolate sauce dumped on top of it in a cup. I'm glad they didn't post any calorie values to that.

While we were out doing service at an LA's house up on the mountain, we had an extra few minutes before the bus arrived. We were able to take a quick peek at this enormous Chinese temple that I guess is one of the main shindigs here in Taiwan. It was honestly a thing of beauty. They had the floors layed out where it represented their "ascension process." The top floor of course was very pretty. All white, very peaceful. Much like another place many of you are aware of.

That temple is so beautiful!

Another night when we were about to head home, I was surprised with a call from some old friends that had come to DanShui to find me. That was a warm reunion to be back with Sam and Fly and some other friends from XinZhuang. I got some Turkish Ice Cream, but I ruined the show... Those of you who have had Turkish Ice Cream might understand...

All my friends for a night visit to DanShui!

So back to love. This week flew. I think it was because I literally loved every second of it. Not to be the over-jubilant missionary who wants everyone to think that every second of his mission is better than sugar and a cherry on top, those who have served know that everyday frustrations are inevitable. I'm amazed at the depth of appreciation I've developed for what I'm involved in right now. Encouraging everyone and their dog to love each other and to believe in God is a remarkable thing. And making some friends doing it along the way makes it all the sweeter. 

This week as I talked to an old woman with a little tree branch in her hand smacking herself on her neck and her back with it, I loved it. As I ran alongside the Tamsui riverside each morning this week observing the dog-walkers pick up their dogs' remains off the sidewalk with a plastic bag, I loved it. As I sat in church with the rowdiest and craziest little boy at my hip pulling on my arm and kissing my hand the whole time, I loved it. As I rode my bike home last night on a narrow bike path with the whole population of Taiwan walking and riding bikes as well, I loved it.

When I drank sour milk this morning on accident, I didn't love that as much, but as I think about a new week ahead of me, I love that too.

Life is to be lived. Life is beautiful.

Keep smiling. And have a good week!

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  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL letter! Press on cute Elder Jensen!