Monday, February 1, 2016


As I was riding to the chapel just barely to send my emails, I almost got blown away off the road. The wind here is ridiculously strong and super obnoxious. I had a very clear and distinct sign from the Spirit that "Wind Cities" are not for me in the future. I'll still visit Chicago for the holidays, but done with any thought of living there ever.

That said, the weather has been fairly decent lately. Sunday morning it was even hot! Somehow I'm learning to like this hot weather! Perhaps I am really into this tropical zone climate? No wonder so many people live here. Lol.

This week was a beautiful week. It was an ordinary one. Nothing too special happened. But, one thing, I was at peace about my future life. On the mission it is such a pain because you have no time to think about those upcoming things. And it is very real that you do feel pressure about what is to come all the time. However, this week I was able to put those burdens up on the shelf. Just focus on Taiwan. It was a great relief. And for that I am so grateful.

As such, I don't have any major stories.

But I will describe to you one day this past week, Thursday.

Every RM knows that there are many days on the mission where you feel incredibly blindsided by all the crazy things that can suddenly come crashing down at you at once.

It was transfers. And transfers changed drastically for us with the beginning of the new year. It really isn't that huge of a thing, however, any time you implement something for the first time, there will always be lots of confusion and anxiety about the turn outs. Bright and early in the morning, Elder Gray and I had to be to the train station to pick some elders up and send some other off. We had to bring an extra bike with us as well. That was quite the walk trying to juggle so many bikes and possessions and whatnot. Once there and getting that all settled, we had to ride straight to the hospital to be with some sisters who are pretty sick and needed help translating and such. Taiwanese hospitals are nuts!!! I am so happy I have not had to go to any. Thank you America for having somewhat decent health care. Social healthcare is a nightmare. Once those few hours were over, we headed right back to the train station to drop more elders off. Then walked all the bikes and equipment back to the house and had 3 hours to plan out our week. But it started pouring rain during that time. And our next lesson ended up being a disaster trying to get there. We had to ride far in the rain. My shoes got wet. My athlete's foot got worse. And the heater at home felt real nice right before bed.

Thus is mission life.

It is a good one.

Love you all!

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