Thursday, February 25, 2016

The week after Chinese New Year. Typically there is a bit of a "blues" that comes the week after the New Year because it's hard to get back into the swing of things. However, luckily for us, getting back into the swing of things was a bit easier. We didn't have many trials trying to get our people to meet back up with us again. And Elder Gray and I are doing very well together. We get along great.

This week was a bit a shorter with the Temple Day thrown in there again. That was a fun treat. Exhausting though.

This week we had a few lessons set up. Two in particular that illustrate the kind of Christian I want to be afterwards. 

The first was a member from the church that is centered in Anaheim, it doesn't have a name so I can't explain it too well. He was really nice to us. Except it didn't matter what we said, he would say "So where is the difference here?" To which no matter how peacefully we replied to him he would freak out and start yelling at us that "We were not to argue! I simply want to hear what the differences are." I lost my patience at the end. If you ask what the differences are and get a super friendly and informative answer from someone, first don't yell at them that they are trying to argue with you, and second don't ask again what those differences are LOL.

The second was a member of what I believe is the Victory Church? She was so nice. So pleasant. So willing to listen. She knew exactly what we were going to do when we met with her and agreed to it fully. Then peacefully listened and enjoyed it. She still went to her church on Sunday. But she was so kind to us. And I left that lesson with my own faith in Christ strengthened. 

How these people treated us has everything to do with who they were as a person and not anything to do with what church they belonged to. However, I want to be that Christian that when I run into the JW's or some other sect, I can strengthen their faith the same way this lady last week did mine. That is what we ought to do as good Christians anyways right?

Two days ago I had a funny run in with an LA. We stopped on the way to his house and picked up some Red Bean cakes, mom and dad you're going to love them, and brought him one. I was particularly hungry though so I bought myself two. When we got there, we gave him his and we all ate ours and I hid my extra one hoping he wouldn't see that I still had one, but he downed his so fast. Then he looked up and said "I'm so hungry! Can I have that other one?" I hesitated for a few seconds because I really didn't want to give him it but I didn't want to say no. Cat caught my tongue pretty good lol. Finally I caved. Handed it over. But when he saw what flavor it was, he gagged. I was relieved! I went to grab it back from him. Told him we'd get him two next time. Then he shoved it in his mouth and literally gagged it down. I was ticked inside. LOL

This week I felt on top of it. Then incompetent. Then exhausted. Then energized.
The emotions are many. The thoughts are more.
All lead to such a great amount of growth though. These two years have been so worth it.

Have a great week!!

They had a Frozen exhibit in Taipei. Cool stuff. The other is some good tasting dumplings and also some Indonesian curry made by our Indonesian member.

Temple day photo from last week

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