Sunday, December 14, 2014

ShengDanJie KuaiLe!

GeWei DiXiong JieMeimen, Zao'An!!

This week has been awesome!! Unfortunately I don't remember it very well hahahaha days all blur together too much now.

But there were some highlights don't worry.


Yingge!! Family when you come to pick me up we are taking an afternoon trip to Yingge so you can see how COOL it is!! Right on the outskirts of Taipei is this well preserved strip of ancient China and lots of artisans and pottery. It is beautiful. And super fun. I got to practice my pot throwing for the first time in nearly 3 years. And i haven't lost my touch yet! I was very excited to see I was still capable of throwing a pretty decent pot! Unfortunately I did not get to keep it...

the master potsman back at it!! 

so fun!

But like all other tourist traps in the world I got sucked into buying a crap load of stuff I don't need so I'm going to be sending all of that home in my next package haha so it can just wait there for me to get home. And the other devils of Yingge is it has these special pastry things from heaven so of course I had to spend a couple hundred kuai on these delicacies. I need more self control hahaha..

I also got taken out to Pizza Hut this week. Back home I wouldn't eat Pizza Hut even if you paid me but now being here in Taiwan I realize its the best place on earth. Especially since it is buffet style here and man i can eat a lot. it surprises me so much haha I ate like 30 or so slices of pizza last time. (Willes will tell you thats a lie though so just don't ask him) They have these egg tart things which is straight up a blended egg with a crap load of sugar blended into it and then chilled till its like jello and oh my it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. SO tasty! All the pizza has squid on it too here. hahah funny observation. except the pepporoni of course. Korean Kimchee is my personal favorite.

We had another few golden lessons this week. But we also learned a good lesson about bringing members to lessons with us. Make sure they know before hand that their role is not to talk. Like at all. "Only speak when spoken to" kind of thing. because man we brought a talker to one lesson and I almost died because she wanted to teach the whole thing and hardly took any breaths for us to interrupt. Even when we tried to interrupt she just talked louder so she would drown out our voices. She will never peike for me again. (peike=accompany lesson)

I'm to the point with the language that I know just about everything I need to know to get myself around and teach the lessons, so in my head I'm solid. But then I get in lessons and when I don't understand the really advanced Chinese it irritates the heck out of me. I expect too much of myself, I've only been speaking for 6 months, how could anyone expect to understand someone describing their doctor's diagnosis on their chronic back pain. So I am trying to be patient with myself still but its difficult when you just want to be perfect hahaha

One funny thing. We have a crazy member who whenever he sees us, he reasks us the same question every week. It is the "Declaration of Independence" not the "Decoration of Independence" hahahaha and then he precedes to quote the Preamble to us. But neither Willes nor I can check him because we don't know it!! hahahaha getting showed up by the Taiwanese in American history left and right..

Love you all. Merry Christmas. Have a special one for me. Know that I miss you all. Hope you're having the times of your lives!!

Ai Nimen!

Sister Lai! she treats us so well.  Love her to death!

this guy is 91 years old and still going strong!! such a strong testimony.  what a golden guy! love him to death as well

home :-) loving the city life! 7th floor swag

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