Monday, December 29, 2014

XinNian KuaiLe!!

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope Christmas was good for everything, it was wonderful for me. Wasn't the same of course because no one here hardly knows what Christmas even is hahah but it was still special none the less.

Some quick things. A funny observation. I live in the midst on a bunch of high-rise apartments which is super rad, but I've always wondered how people get all their furniture up to their apartments without any trouble and I found out the other morning. At 630 am there was a crane outside one of the high rises parked right in the middle of a huge road there to lift a mattress up 30 or so floors to someone's deck where they were standing ready to receive it haha. a bit different than what i'm used to in America.

We set up an appointment with a very very casually dressed woman who approached us curious about the church on the street, she was wearing like a sweatshirt and glasses, nothing special. But when we show up to our appointment thinking she is really golden because she was so excited to hear about the church, we meet a woman who is done up almost exactly like a barbie doll with SOOOO much makeup and a super super short skirt and puffy shirt. I for one didn't recognize her at first and then almost busted up laughing when I realized it was her! Girls here drive me nuts. I am going to stick to my American girls when i get home that don't freak the heck out of me.

We got to go to Taipei on Christmas Eve for an awesome Christmas party. I found out the reason I hadn't gotten any of my Christmas packages was because they were hording them all from us at the office and gave them out as our Santa presents at the end of the huge party. it was fun. Thank you for everyone that send me stuff!!! Loved it all

On Christmas Day we had a less active take us to this huge 5 star buffet that was straight up the most amazing thing of my life, although I ate waaayyyy too much hahah. My list of crazy things I've eaten just continues to grow haha:

-rose petal lemonade which was to die for.
-aloe vera leaves chilling as part of the salad bar haha
-raw cuttlefish (look one up online)
-RAW beef!! japanese style! like what the???
-beef jelly stuff
-and more pig intestine which i dont think i could ever grow to like that…

raw beef, cuttlefish, and swordfish sashimi, not bad!!

here is our crazy Brother Chen who loves taking us to the most expensive restaurants in town and then telling the waiters it's our birthday when it isn't!! So happy unbirthday to Elder Willes!!!
seriously this restaurant was like wolfgang puck status with 7 courses from heaven!!

Last of all, I had my first baptism on Christmas night that I'll actually count as one of mine. It was cool because Elder Willes and I found her together on the street during my very first week on island. She was Jehovah's Witness!!! And yes, we taught her all the way down until she was baptized this past week. And I got to help her do it, but because her body condition is terrible, Elder Willes was in the font alongside me for her balance. So we found her together, taught her together, and then baptized her together. It was really cute haha. She is so wonderful, she taught me so much more than I taught her. I love that I have been privileged to meet the people that I've met out here.

The mission is amazing. On every level you could imagine. It's pretty crazy. Love it everyday.

Love you all! Happy 2015!!

this woman is named Jin Wei.  Which is me (Elder Jin) and Elder Willes (Elder Wei) so of course we had to take a picture with her :-) 

for you dad. haha I'll try to remember and take more pictures of the Chinglish signs here!

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