Monday, January 5, 2015

ChongXin de KaiShi

Well, off to a good start of 2015. Had another baptism which was fun. Elder Willes and I were just lucky I guess to find these two ladies and teach them all the way into the font together. Cool stuff. She is my Taiwanese mother I tell her. Our fridge legitimately has no room whatsoever for anything because LaiJM brings us three bags of fruit every other morning and drops it off at our apartment building. I love it :-)

best start to 2015
We also got taken out again by our crazy member friend this week to the most expensive and most delicious barbeque place in ZhongLi. It was 7 course. And all to die for. Life is good hahah. Asian style barbeque is the single greatest thing about Taiwan and life really. I'm going to miss that pretty bad I won't lie.

our crazy member friend who loves to take us to the wolfgang puck's of taiwan!!
Yesterday we got to go look around the inside of a huge Chinese temple in the middle of no where. That was fun. Although I had a lasting head ache from the friggin incense burning. But it was still fun to go look around and get a tour from this random guy that was standing outside the temple.

forgot its name sorry, inside was pretty cool though!
We have a friend from Turkey we get to see every once in a while. We took us to Japanese last, and that is where I ate the grossest thing of this week, raw shrimp. I can handle anything raw, including beef. But shrimp for some reason not my thing.. I do not recommend it.

our man Ekrem from Turkey
I got to play DaTongBan (senior comp) for a day when Elder Heaps came out to Zhongli with me for a night. It was great. Learned a lot. Including the fact that I never want to train. Nor be senior companion. It is such a headache having to handle everything.

This week was probably the biggest example of where I truly experienced just how exhausting a mission is, I think I was definitely sick, because I was helpless bahahaha good thing God has my back I guess. I looked back through my journal and noticed that everyday I included somewhere in there that "I can hardly keep my eyes open right now" haha mission life for you..

Not much else to report other than dinner last night was Kottbular!!! Miracles do happen.

All my love from Taiwan,

out preaching to the world.

there really is dirt in Taiwan, weird.

Taiwan's night time skies
Also Taiwan has one thug missionary loose on the streets.  Watch out!

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