Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MeiHao de ShiJie

Beautiful world.

Taiwan is gorgeous. Everything about it. (except the air quality, those of you in America need to take a couple deep breaths of some fresh crisp American air for me!)

It's getting harder and harder to remember what happened in the past week and what happened a month ago. Things just blur together hard core. It's kinda nuts honestly... 

Some highlights for this week:

Probably the most hilarious sight of my mission. We were out finding in the park in the middle of ZhongLi one day and we came across a Korean lady who was christian. So we were talking with her and her little meimei (daughter) for a bit. We were getting right to the important part of asking her to learn more about our church when this TERRIBLY drunk man bumps into Elder Willes. We both turn around to see who it is and it's this man who is side-shuffling with his back to us. And he continues to just slide (very slowly) past right in the middle of us and the woman and her child as we are trying to talk to them and the poor little meimei looks absolutely terrified. He passes completely by so we carry on for about 30 seconds again before he finally completely looses his balance and FACE PLANTS hard core onto the ground making the loudest thump as he bounced on the ground. So this other ancient looking spectator quickly runs to this mans help and lifts him up but to no avail as this drunk man just drops again. So the old guy leaves and the drunk man gets up on his own, only to immediately fall AGAIN but off a good 3 foot ledge onto some rock solid dirt! this time i swore he broke a bone. and to make it worse, someone else who was in the vicinity sprints up to this guy after his hardest fall and starts chewing this guy out hard core!! Yelling "BU XING!!!" repeatedly and telling this guy he needs to leave. And all the while I'm trying my hardest to maintain eye contact with this lady and pretend like I'm unaware of what's going on. But I failed at last and had to watch this mess go down. We didn't end up getting the womans phone number as you could probably imagine....

We got interviewed by this team from China Airlines curious about we would come to Taiwan, hoping to make their advertising better. Which was cool, given it was our third interview which is pretty uncommon i guess.. People just love us here. But the cool part was one of the guys in the group was the first person I have met here in Taiwan who has been to Saint George and Zion and is not a member of the church!! I was so blown away! He laughed at my speechless face i was so excited i couldn't speak haha. That was cool.

our China Airlines crew!

We tried the pick up basketball game tactic where you make the kids promise to sit and listen to you if you win them. We lost. I'm still not totally cool with that. haha

Last of all and most sad of all, we had to say goodbye to our Taiwanese buddy David Liu who going into the MTC this week and headed out for San Francisco. So we ate with his family one last time last night and it was soooooo good!!! they make Chinese food but almost somewhat American style. It is to die for. I love that family so much! They were also the ones who made us Kottbular (swedish meatballs) for Thanksgiving. Oh so good!

Our man David, off to SFO.  I'm only super jealous of him :-)

Thats my week there for you! Life is amazing. Family, go spend a few days in Zions for me and send me pictures. I'm missing the outdoors hard core haha. But high rise city life is also still pretty rad.

Love you all!

made it to heaven for a day!!

winter in Taiwan actually is a real thing as it turns out....

This picture doesn't do this temple justice.  It's huge!!

my study quarters 

look closely, I'm not half as fat as this picture makes me look bahahahaha

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