Monday, January 26, 2015


So I should start off and apologize for the short email last week. And I'm going to apologize even more for today's short email again hahaha. Just been having too much fun lately I guess... :-)

This week was also super short since it was only 5 days. So nothing super special happened. 

But some updates on my situation here in Taiwan. Our investigator pool currently is a little small and a little HaiHao.. (meaning so-so). So thats a bit of a bummer as those of you who are RM's understand. But it's still moving, just slower..

Elder Miller is my new companion. Everyone says its hard to have your breaker come in. But it honestly hasn't been. Last night we were walking down this long dark road talking about our lack of alone time haha and I had this realization as I was telling him I don't mind having a companion. It's that as long as you are doing what you're supposed to be doing (aka wasting your lives away in the work, literally) then its really easy to have a companion. It's actually essential. There's just too much to do all the time and too much to remember. I would give up if I didn't have help. There's a lot on your plate all the time.. to say the least....

And lastly, and the reason for my title this week, (translation=pedals) if you thought it was funny to imagine me riding a bike all of last week on a bike with only one pedal, just think of how funny it is that this past week my other pedal fell off as well so I'm now pedal-less. But I haven't minded it too much. Exciting thing with that is now I can go join the circus when I get back or create a new Olympic event for pedal-less bike racing and go win some awards. So it isn't all bad.

if you look closely you'll notice there are no pedals :-)

I spy a panda!!

How did they get this beast from Kenya to Taiwan - I don't even know...

train life.
Love you all. Miss you like crazy. Hope you have a lot of fun this week and then tell me all about it (wink,wink)

my boy GuanYou. Left for Taizhong Mission Field this past week

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