Sunday, January 25, 2015


I now have my new companion, Elder Miller with me in ZhongLi and I'm excited for what is ahead! We have already got a great start to the week and I am really optimistic for what lies ahead.
Because today was our temple day, where we go to Taipei on Wednesday instead of Monday, hence the slightly late email, so I apologize for that. But Taibei is the best thing ever so I'm not complaining.

I don't have much time to say much, however, to cap this week into one paragraph: Elder Willes and I parted ways which broke our RC's heart and so she has recently flooded our ZhongLi apartment with all this food we honestly don't have room for! She's great to us. Elder Miller came in and I've had some fun introducing him to everyone and taking over the ward for the time being. New missionaries have not come in for a long time so lots of areas have closed down recently, and so that also means that my time left in ZhongLi is 100% unpredictable. Unfortunately Elder Miller's bike has not arrived from his last area yet, so this past week I have been making it do on a bike that has no left pedal, and a right pedal that is about to fall off any time now. I've lost some weight, but I think that only means that my muscle is slowing decaying and my fat is replacing it.. I ate thousand year old egg and gagged it down, but I'm still determined to develop a taste for rotten food. I am literally on the phone for 2 straight hours every night because all the sudden the ward has decided to bombarde me with all this hecticness that I don't even know where it comes from. Chinese is coming along well, after Sunday when I went home and realized I had little to no struggles with the language that made me excited. And finally today I was able to take a kid from my ward here through the temple for his first time as his escort which was a major privilege and also awesome to do a session in Mandarin Chinese.

Here's my buddy GuanYou.  Gonna be a rockstar missionary!

Taiwan for you.  As well as Elder Miller.

My life is great out here, I'm super happy with everything. I'm going to see Panda's today at the Taipei zoo, so don't be jealous when you get a lot of dope pictures next week :-)
Life is complete. Nothing is missing. (except the left pedal on my bike...but I mean I'm just picking up on all these new skills like riding a pedalless bike. I don't even notice it anymore.)
Ai Ni!

that's definitely a pup believe it or not

Smores in Taiwan.  A first for this place!

Taiwan is pretty as it turns out.

starting to pick up on the Asian look am I?

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