Monday, April 13, 2015


Thank you all who sent me letters and packages these past few weeks in the mail. I believe I got the majority of them this past week. And they were all very appreciated. Those letters become worth their weight in gold when you're on a mission.

This week brought its pleasant surprises. And its heartaches. Leaving an area is difficult. Especially when the members have really grown close with you and they tell you they prayed that I could stay the entire time and never leave. But luckily and unluckily that wasn't the case. It is very difficult to describe the array of emotions you feel as a missionary. You can only experience it.

I'm going to miss my ZhongLi district.

had to say goodbye to my two favorite people in Taiwan

This past week we had an English class party. Harry Potter was the theme. That was loads of fun. Elder Ribar and I were in charge of Quittich. Basically a game of basketball with a pingpong ball and tables instead of hoops. So fun to watch everyone get so insane, these people are ridiculously competitive!

Then the time for goodbyes came. One of my LA's I was working with in ZhongLi found out through the grapevine and showed up without him telling me because he wanted to surprise me. It was cute. I'm going to miss that man. All the rest of the ward gave me a very warm farewell. It was much harder than leaving my ward in Utah not going to lie hahaha.

Zhong DX

But as for how this week turned out in the end, this is an excerpt that I sent to President Day in his weekly letter:

"What a week!! Let me start off by repeating to you the details you are already aware of. I just moved to XinZhuang with my new trainee companion. I am district leader. I am opening an area that is still not officially drawn up yet. I live about a 25 min bike ride out of my area. We have no bikes yet. We have no cell phone. We have no area book. When we first got to the apartment, we didn't even have a place to sleep, a place to study, and no running water for two days due to the water shortage."

water shortages, gotta do what you gotta do!

That is my current situation in a nutshell. So we will be taking lots of baby steps these next weeks. Luckily my new bishopric is super serious about doing missionary work because their ward was just split. So I have a lot of support and help from them.

Love you all. Wish you all the very, very best!!

My grandpa and baby!  Elder Westover left this past weekend though, he will be missed.

Your average sky setting in Taiwan: Grey

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