Sunday, April 12, 2015

March 29, 2015 QueShui

Hello from Taiwan again.

I saw the biggest miracle of my mission this past weekend. After a long week of terrible weather, it rained and the wind blew for 4 days straight with no stopping, this past Saturday and Sunday I saw blue skies. Not deep blue like in Utah, but at least they had a blue tint to them instead of gray, pollution as usual. Yesterday after church, we had about 15 minutes to spare before we had to get back on those bikes to our next appointment, so Elder Ribar went outside on the steps of the chapel and sat in the sun. I was loving life.

But here's where the miracle came with a catch. Apparently there is such a thing as a drought on a tropical island after all...don't ask me. So all of Taipei and Taoyuan counties will be conserving water. The Taiwanese method of conserving water is to just shut the water off here for 2 days every week. Like completely shut the water off, doesn't matter if you are in the nicest hotel in all of Taipei, there will be NO water on Wednesdays and Thursdays for us for a while. So everyone at home enjoy your showers in the morning for me and know how jealous I will be of you. Haha. My prayers lately have all included asking God to send more of the dreaded rain our way :-) Never once thought I would be praying for rain while I was in Taiwan...

Life is all about experiences.

As I write this, the internet cafe is blasting Chinese rap. I'll stick with Nikki Manaj when I get home.

During this week, we had no success. It was not my favorite week. I thought for sure we would be lacking on numbers and fall short on a lot of stuff. But somehow at the end of the week, we still pulled off our 20 lessons standard and didn't fall too short. This past week was one of those that blew my mind how it turned out the way it did. That isn't uncommon though.

I ate chocolate brownies this past week. I almost fainted.

This past Saturday, my RC's (LaiJM) son also passed his baptismal interview, so I'll be helping him this weekend to get baptized. Super stoked about that! But after his interview that night, they left the chapel about 10 minutes before we did and they were on a scooter. However, we still managed to pass them on the way back to our house (we live across the street from them). So I rang my bell and waved as I sped past. Then the next morning in church, the bishopric starts the meeting and announces the baptism, but they still hadn't gotten there. They walked in like 2 min before the sacrament.

LaiJM talked to me after church. They were headed home on Saturday, but HaoWei made her stop so he could watch us ride past on our bikes. Which is why we passed them going home. And then he wanted to be more like us missionaries, so he made his mom ride behind him on his scooter while he rode his bike to church like us missionaries. Which is why they were late to church. Cutest thing. I feel very honored. That 11 year old will make a difference in this world when he goes on his mission. Super happy I was privileged to be here in ZhongLi for the past 6 months to get to know him.

Looking forward to this week. It may be my last full week in ZhongLi, but we will see.

Love you all. Hope all is going well

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