Monday, April 20, 2015


There is no English equivalent to XinKu. And there is also no way to put this past week into words.

All missionaries who served foreign missions before the 2000's, I think I understand a bit more of how your missions went. Being lost. Having no investigator pool. No less-active pool. Basically not even having a ward as I wasn't able to meet them all until yesterday. No way to contact people except when you are face to face. Walking 100 miles a day. And so forth.

This week was a bit of a challenge.

So that voice was a little disheartened maybe. I'm not. I just don't know how else to express this new phase of the work I'm in. My head has nearly fallen off a few times because when you are at every disadvantage you could possibly imagine, laughter is the best cure. 

Also my area has one of the five in Taiwan, and the largest of the five I might add, Ikeas. I won't even attempt to describe my happiness with that find.

One miracle though, and a major relief for the two of us, is a man on the street saw us and approached us about our church and actually shows great interest! We've since met with him a few times. Which is always very exciting, especially since that hour we are with him is one less hour that we need to be on the streets chasing down people. Nearly everyday this past week we have been out finding on the streets 8-9 hours a day.

It is mentally and physically exhausting. And actually spiritually as well because it is pretty difficult to bear meaningful testimony 100 different times a day. Sometimes I wish I just had a script I could read :-)

XinZhuang does have its beautiful side to it though. It is next to a mountain trail! So exercise in the morning entails of running up a jungle mountain to an awesome viewpoint of Taipei (although the pollution makes it a view into haze somedays) which I'm sure all of you who know me, that makes me very happy. I love it here.

the awesome view of the haze here

this is what I run nearly every morning :-)

I could look directly at the sun.  It was kind of cool!
I finished the Book of Mormon this past week. After 9 months of intensive reading every day, it came to an end. That book is pretty neat. "If you haven't read it, read it" --President Monson

Almost forgot, I survived an earthquake (6.6) this morning. My first one. What a fun ride!

Love you all!!

I was confused for a bit as to why this sign had the red guy on top instead of on bottom...

Taipei 101

you could say Taiwan is pretty

we witnessed a pretty neat "changing of the guard"

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