Monday, March 23, 2015

Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuaile

Happy birthday Dad!! Hope it was a good one!

I had yet another week in ZhongLi. I am going on my 6 month mark here next week. And as such, I wish I could tell you new things about my life that are out of the ordinary, but I am running out of things to update you on that you are not already aware of..

This week we did go to a nightmarket for dinner. And that was an experience and a half. We had an LA take us out there to eat with him. And he got us....snake. So yes now I have eaten snake meat. And that to my list of yummy things. But in all honesty, it straight up was to die for. The people tell you here that snake is good for you skin, apparently it is free of all the antibiotics and other bad stuff that infests chicken and beef in the world these days.. I might be eating snake a lot more often now if that is the case! 

Another dinner appointment we had this week was at our rich Indonesian's families' house. Zhong JieMei cooked us up some of thee best spicy beef over rice that I have ever had. Unfortunately Taiwanese curry is not made with coconut milk like Thai and Indonesian is. I much prefer the ridiculously spicy and coconutty curry of Thailand and Indonesia. Anyways, this dinner was quite the time for me.. Zhong JM's daughter got home from NY this past week so this was kind of like her welcome home. And Zhong JM for some reason loves me. Like halfway through it all, Zhong JM pipes in "Elder Jin, we have a spare bed here for you, and I can cook really good food, and theres a girl (her daughter) here to treat you well while you're here!" So awkward. It turned into a bit of a welcome home party and also a "let's get Elder Jin and her hooked up" party for like a solid 10 minutes. And this lady is nuts and wouldn't stop. I have definitely become a missionary because I got so embarrassed at the thought of girls! I had no idea what to say, not going to lie hahaha. But like I said, the food was to die for so it wasn't all that bad after all..

Taiwanese girls actually have put me at my whits this past week. I am not going to Larry. Ever.

Other than that, not really sure what I want to update you on.. This week was good, but I can't remember it at the moment. Apologies!

Keep killing it! 

PS that bowl in the picture is full of snake meat. SO good!!

close up on the snake meat!!

tasty snake meat
my man Zhong DX

Elder Ribar and I at LiuFuCun amuzement

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