Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hello everyone again. Another week has flown by for me. Hope everyone is doing amazing.

This week hit with a super unexpected force of friggin coldness and rainyness that caused me to freeze my sack off as well as come down with a cold. The rain was straight up a constant downpour and the streets literally turned into little rivers. So my shoes got soaked and every night I took my shoes off, my feet were straight up "wrinkled" (i cant remember if thats the word you use anymore :D) as if I had just got out of a super hot bath tub. I might take up a sport where you ride your bicycle across rivers. I might be becoming pro at that too now.

As for the cold I caught. I slept a bit on thursday to try and fight that off, so that was nice because that was straight up the first nap I have taken since like the MTC i think?? no time to sleep out here unfortunately.. And for the lasting effects of getting sick, I have been coughing up the BIGGEST and GNARLIEST loogies I have ever seen in my life. Like I know I'm a snotty person (no pun intended) but straight up every time I cough or sneeze it feels my mouth with thick dark yellow mucous. And if you just got grossed out by reading this then please remember how much worse my poor companion has it having to also hear it and see it first hand. I just laugh now. Taiwan has become a little booger land lately.

During the midst of this big rain storm, we managed to find another Less-active member. I have been working with some interesting LA's since I got to ZhongLi, but I think this new one definitely tops everyone else off. If I am not mistaken in my ability to hear and understand Chinese, this man believes that two of his neighbor dogs conspire against him so when he walks outside, then they team up on him and bite him like crazy. He even had a bag full of all these shirts that were torn from all the dogs that keep biting him.. So he is legit. Except the fact that he hears them communicating and he hears them saying his name. Some days he just doesn't go outside because he doesn't want to walk into another "set-up". I love him though, in a different way anyways hahahaha. He came to church with us and likes us so I guess thats really all that matters now right?

All this funny talk aside, if I wasn't sick, I probably would have had an emotional break down moment. But when I'm sick then those emotions of mine just get even harder to come out hahaha. Anyways. Two nights ago I got a call at 10:05 as I'm wrapping things up for the night wanting to go to bed. It was my WML that I've mentioned in a few emails already. He called to see if I was ok and if I was getting better from my cold. But he doesn't usually call that late, so I asked him how his day was and what he did. He woke up at 6 or 7 to go to his super hard labor job as a welder for 12 or so hours, then he went to the hospital to tend to his wife who is pretty much on her death bed for a while, after that he went out to visit a member whose husband just left her and has a little new born to give her some money to feed her child as well as help her do some house cleaning stuff, and then when he finally walked back in his home door, the first thing he does is give the little missionary Elder Jensen in his ward a call to ask if I was feeling better. I was so moved. I don't know anyone more Christlike than that. I can't even make any comments about this other than, there is a real man.

This week was fun. And today is going to be REALLY fun. :-) I'll feel you in on it next week. Keep it up! Live life to the fullest! love you all!

Jīn ZhǎngLǎo
Elder Jensen

The night markets here include the ability to catch your own mini turtles and pufferfish.  We are tempted to get some pets at the house hahaha


Elder Heaps and I lucked out to get front row seats to this crazy Buddhist parade!

me and Elder Ribar

Went golfing last week.  Haven't lost my touch hahaha

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