Sunday, March 1, 2015


This week was full of many major surprises for me. The title means "surprise" or "accident", but I'm not totally sure how you use it yet haha. Point is this past week took me off guard a bit. I had come to that point on the mission that I'm sure lots of people come to many times while on the mission. I have been in ZhongLi for 3.5 transfers and I felt like I had finished all the work I was supposed to do here because I had run completely out of ideas to help our investigators and Less-actives we are working with. I felt like I had nothing more to offer. So I was very excited for the anticipated moving call for me to be on my way out of ZhongLi and off to my new horizon elsewhere.

That moving call came, but it wasn't me who was headed out of there. Elder Miller was leaving after only been here for one transfer.

I was bummed. And felt a little hopeless honestly.

But then when we made it up to transfer meeting, I was surprised yet again to find out that while I was staying in ZhongLi for another transfer, I would become senior companion and district leader. Haha I was thinking "well freak! as if last transfer I didn't have enough stress already, then I just get a ton more responsibility thrown at me again." One secret of the mission is right when you think you have things down, then something will inevitably happen that puts you right back in your place thinking you have no idea how to do missionary work. But that's probably it, the mission is meant to really push you. And it is.

When I got to church, I was approached by a fair amount of people SO happy to see me still there. One lady in the ward that I known pretty well came up and told me her prayers were answered and she was so happy I got to stay one more transfer. Then my WML came up to me and told me essentially the same thing and laughed saying he "knew my work here wasn't over yet." And of course LaiJM was happier than you could imagine at the news. So. Yes, I felt good after that. It's nice every once in a while to hear that you are loved, midst all the rejection and angry people we face every day. 

I am still very happy to be here. I still occasionally have those moments from time to time when I walk outside and remember I'm across the pacific away from home in Taiwan. It gives me butterflies :-) 

This week wasn't super eventful other than transfers. I apologize, I don't have much to report on. We're going through that slump right after you come off a major high from a huge holiday like Chinese New Year.

I have a baptism coming up this weekend. My man from the Phillippines that I've taught the whole way is finally ready. So that makes me very excited. The work is still moving forward and I am very stoked about it.

That's about it for me. Love you all!!!

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