Sunday, March 15, 2015


This week was a good one. Well worked. But as I look back on it, I didn't have any crazy funny experiences to share or anything cool/interesting. Unfortunately. So this may be one of my lamest letters.

If there's something I do want to talk about though, its how awesome my new companion is. He cleans up after himself! Who would've thought how nice it really is to not have to always do your companion's dishes anymore. Or pick up his clothes. Or do his laundry. Or organize his desk so we don't lose things. Yep. I am very happy to have a clean comp now. 

But better, I've learned more about how to be a good roommate, or how to be a better person to have to live with, in this past week. I would be rich if I got 10 kuai for every time he asks if he can help me do something. Or if I counted how many times he just like does little things for me. Elder Ribar is a stud.

My eyes are now open to how it makes life a thousand times easier when you are clean. Mother I apologize for all those times you told me to clean my room and I told you to stop coming upstairs to look at it :-) Cleanliness is a good trait to have.

We were on the streets yesterday searching out LA's when we got to one locked door with no one home. I was in the middle of writing a note to leave at the door when this woman walked up, returning home with groceries. She was the mother of the guy who was our LA. She talked to us for a bit, I guess her little brother is a member down in Hualien, pretty familiar with a church and everything.. well the conversation got down to it and I asked her how she felt about prayer. Her reply, "I am very against prayer. I feel it is very impolite." I said "well, as far as I know it doesn't really hurt anyone, and like doesn't have any downside even if it doesn't work..." I mean right, speaking a few words out loud probably doesn't do much harm... But she just says "There's no God, and I think it's very impolite that you try to talk to someone that isn't there." 

Impolite to who??

I did have some cool miracles this past week. For example, my hair hasn't started to fall out, my pants haven't ripped, I didn't get in any bike wrecks, I had some ice cream, and I didn't get arrested. So count your blessings!

Praying for everyone as usual. Thanks for all the support.

PS I got interviewed by this guy who I guess is a famous British documentary-ist. Said I might be a big screen some day. So no big deal.

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