Monday, June 15, 2015


When storm clouds rise, run for shelter. Or if you're as fortunate as us missionaries in Taiwan, you just ride your bike through it. The common cartoon image of people standing on the side of the road and getting soaked by a wave of water as a bus passes by is actually a real thing here in Taiwan. I laughed so hard when I experienced that for the first time. "Fiction becoming reality" moment for me. But anyway, I've learned a wonderful lesson this past little while. Running for shelter is the easy thing to do, and the most desirable of course. Riding your bike through the waterfall from the sky isn't so much fun. However, no matter which decision you make, those storm clouds are going to blow over. The clouds always break for the sunlight eventually. And when those clouds pass, the only thing that matters to you at that point is when you can look back and see the distance you've come. Under your shelter you didn't get anywhere. On your bike you went far.

I'd rather get up on my bike.

Speaking of riding my bike, this past week, it was a particularly hot and humid day as we were riding into our area. I was riding down this busy road about half way there when i realized i had exactly matched the speed of this huge diesel right next to me. I noticed it had a convenient little handle hanging out to the side at my left at about my shoulder level. I grabbed onto it and rode effortlessly the whole rest of the way into our area. When Elder Miner caught back up he was soaked and I hardly had broken a sweat. That made for a really good day.

We have investigators now. I have people to call at night. People to set up with during the day. It is the nicest feeling. My heart goes out to those in Russia and other hard places. It is difficult having nothing going on ever.

The storm clouds have passed now for the most part I believe. Sunshine is on the forecast.

I'm going hiking today.

Love you all! Keep it up in all you do!

my hike last week

call me a photographer

This stud came and played a bit for us.  Michael is the raddest Taiwanese person I've met.

Yep, my area has one of five.  And it is the biggest.

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  1. This is one of the most beautiful letters I've read. Press on! Love, Marianne Willes