Monday, June 8, 2015


May 24

Wow, that took some effort to type that title. Unfortunately I can text fast, but only because I have the BuPuMuFu memorized on the little number pad and not on the computer. But it reads "Long time no see!"

Sorry I have been silent the past two weeks. I just unfortunately have not had a lot to say. I'll update you all a bit on my "stats" for the past weeks though.

-1 investigators (we just had to give one away, really our only one.)
40+ hours of knocking/contacting a week
7 consecutive days of rain
3.5 set up lessons a week on avg.
1 car wreck (not even a scratch)
2 steaks!!
-5 lbs
1 Ikea stop weekly (sometimes more)
2000 or so characters from the Book of Mormon committed to memory.
And I'm 99% happy smiles (1% crosses over my eyes)

And speaking of "crosses over my eyes," here in 新莊 (XinZhuang), it's kind of like that computer game Minesweeper. We have all these little dots on our map of where we can go contacting or knocking. And every single one we are totally uncertain about what lies beneath that dot. I remember trying to play that game a little when I was younger. More often then not, the first square I chose was the little dead guy. I lost a lot.

I'm also realizing I'm not very good at the missionary-minesweeper game either. If I win, or come close to winning in the coming weeks, I'll let you know. We're bound to choose at least one non-deadguy dot one of these times aren't we?

I believe I have been a little impatient with the Man upstairs lately. There are many nights that I wonder, why is it that here I am walking and knocking till I am exhausted every day (except Monday of course) and not contacting even one person who semi shows interest in us other than our white skin? I have had some impatient prayers lately.

But to show that miracles, no matter how small, do happen, I will share with you an experience from last night.

We were wrapping up our long week of no success and lots of slammed doors when I decided I was sick of tracting. We got on our bikes for our last 30 minutes and I had this little mentality "Well God, if I really am still doing what I should be, show me." Luckily God is merciful. I rode in lead and every intersection we came to I followed that imaginary light beam down the "chosen" road. We went through some dark and narrow alleys. But when we finally saw someone out walking, we stopped him and talked to him. Immediately he says "I've been reading the Book of Mormon!" I was super, super puzzled. He could tell I was at a little loss for words and continued "I ran into you two in the park a few weeks ago and you gave me that book." That was the extent of the coolness. He was in a hurry to buy eggs and didn't want to talk. He didn't set back up with us. But! We got his number and he said we could call later. When we went back last night, we found we had no record of this guy. I don't even remember him. I still have no recollection of meeting this guy in the park and giving him a Book of Mormon. So. Although he didn't talk with us, although he didn't want to set with us, although it may not lead to anything else, at least God showed me He is still there.

So I am going to be more patient. And more grateful for the tiny things, though they be few. 

It's all part of the experience.

Have a good week!!

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