Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving! I told Elder Dong I still remembered where I was, who I was with, and what I ate for last Thanksgiving. Scary thought to realize that was a year ago.. Time does indeed go by quickly.

As it so happened, it was also my companion's birthday Friday. So we got to celebrate two days in a row which was a dang good time. We went to a Korean BBQ all-you-can-eat and ate until I thought I was going to throw up haha. Two days in a row. May have dropped a bit of cash, but it was a worthy $20 altogether! Food here is so cheap it kills me.

As far as the week went, starting at last Monday, it was a good day to get some serious Christmas shopping in. I bought the whole street, so be prepared for a good package this year! The best part of the day was we made it back home in time for me to take my first nap in literally a year and then top it off with a huge Thai dinner. Such a good day!

Tuesday morning I was able to shake hands with the newly called apostle Elder Stevenson. He came to pick up his son from the TaiZhong mission and made a pit stop for a conference with all the TaiBei missionaries as well. It was fun stuff, though I don't remember much about what he talked to us about... That's what happens when speakers go an hour over what they originally said lol. His wife gave a beautiful talk on an average missionary who just simply worked hard everyday and at the end his shoes were trashed. Every missionary, whoever they are, honestly deserves more than just a pat on the back making it through 2 crazy, fun, emotional, beautiful years. I want to be that average hardworking missionary!

This week brought the first cold air of the season, although I'm fully aware that when I say cold, it is warm, tropical air compared to those in Russia and Europe, those of you in such places have my respect. But anyways, this past weekend we made it up to our LA's house who lives way up on the mountain here. She was concerned that all the weeds that had grown up on her roof were driving her crazy as they withered and would blow all over her hanging laundry. We got up on her roof in the cool air with an intense orange sunset lighting up the sky. It was a sight. I enjoyed a few minutes of silence pulling those weeds up there.

Last night we made it out to a member's house for dinner who lives forever away from us. It was a good time drinking out of the super traditional Taiwanese tea cups. But as we were riding back, I told Elder Dong how I felt bad about staying there a little longer than we should've, so we said we were going to make the best use of our remaining hour of the night that we could. We pulled up to where we wanted to contact people and I noticed the guy next to me drinking Apple Milk, so I asked him if it tasted good. He asked if I wanted to see all the crap in his massive bag he bought himself for dinner that week. I love goofy people like him. He ended up following us up to the chapel for a quick tour and left his info. Finding new investigators is never that easy. I guess Heavenly Father forgives his missionaries and gives them exactly what they desire sometimes. It was cool.

This week was beautiful. With the cooler air and wind comes fairly fresh air and vacant bike trails which is nice for me every once in a while.

Have a good week!

The only picture I took all week. But a worthy one. All shirts here are this badly spelt lol.

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