Monday, December 28, 2015


Happy Holidays! 2016 came quick... For me at least, like wow.

Hope everyone had a good one.

When I pick my nose right after getting out of bed here, it's not pretty. It's BLACK. Eye boogers are the same story unfortunately. XinZhu must be polluted I guess.. So naturally I am very happy that every morning I have the opportunity to go run a few miles in the cold weather and let that clear out my nose a bit.

Someone told me last night that XinZhu is the city with the least amount of rainfall in all of Taiwan. I don't think it's a coincidence that I was sent here during the winter when getting wet by the rain is the absolute worst thing. That made me very grateful.

We have some awesome members and investigators here. I love who I am surrounded by here in XinZhu. The people here are all so good to missionaries. Super easy to make friends with, which is honestly a major blessing. I love making friends now that I am able to speak this language with confidence and about more and more diverse topics everyday. Perhaps one of the biggest things that I have learned while on my mission is how to connect with people and make friends. Such a valuable lesson that I doubt I know just how beautiful that is just yet..

This week we went up to Taipei for a Christmas party. We had a massive high class buffet set up for us. It was amazing. I sat next to Elder Seely from Snow Canyon and watched him open the many packages and letters he received from names that I knew as well. It made me think that it is truly a small world..

For Christmas day we went to an all-you-can-eat hotpot. For those who don't know hotpot, they are these bowls filled with soup and then you have a billion choices of veges and meat to throw in there and it all boils together and it is literally delicious. Such a good Christmas celebration.

But to top it off, we went to the church for our baptism. He was a 4-weeker. Which is something I'm usually quite skeptical of. But this kid got up and bore testimony of the power of repentance and the Spirit, as if he had been a member for many years. It was moving. Neat to see that.

This week over all was full of a lot of candy and Christmas gifts. Lots of fun.

Happy upcoming New Year! I'll be in Taipei for the party :-) Going home for the day.

Love you all!

Elder Jensen and Elder Gray

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