Sunday, January 17, 2016

恆心 January 10, 2016

Hello! I hope everyone is surviving the intense snow fall in the west lately.. Not too much rain here in Taiwan luckily, although of course today it had to rain. Best part of where I live now is it has little precipitation in comparison to the rest of the island, so I am very happy to be dry while it is a bit chillier here..

This past week we actually had a morning where we woke up and it was pouring hard core rain. I run in the mornings rain or shine, so I made my companions (we were on exchanges all together) go out into the rain with me LOL. I'm a mean comp maybe? But, it was such an impressive storm! There was gnarly thundering and lightning and all that jazz, in January!!! I don't remember any winter storms with that intensity. It was fun to watch.

This week went by faster than last week. When RM's tell you all that stuff about the last half of your mission being fast, they mean it. When they also say you are the most tired at the end of your mission, that also is very true! I nearly slept through all of church! Or at least really really wanted to...

There was a member this week that called us to take us out to eat. I hadn't met her yet, but apparently I had passed her in the hall before and she wanted us to eat with her nonmember husband. We got to the mall we were eating at, greeted them, and they asked if they first could take care of some shopping... Followed them in there and the first thing this lady and her husband do is start picking up all these new clothes and asking me to try them on!! I was so surprised and want not that I semi-yelled "不要!" (I don't want!) and semi took her back. I felt so bad! But holy she surprised me hard core lol. Just goes to show how nice and caring the people are here for us. I was moved. Of course I still had to reject her though...really, who just grabs a couple 100's of dollars worth of clothes down and wanting to buy them all for you when she hasn't even met you before. I love the people here!

We had a cool lesson with a part member family. Going into it, I didn't know what I wanted to say. The mom, being the member took control unexpectedly as well and had us go around the room sharing some of our thoughts. I was last. I didn't know what to say. But I opened my mouth, and words spilled out. I told them how lucky and blessed I was to have the family I did. To have loving parents, loving siblings, and a really good life. It is a rare thing. Shout out to the awesome family I have!

We talked to a man this week, clearly had schitzo, and when we start talking to him about the gospel, he tells us the voice in his head knows a little hebrew from his bible reading. The voice also did not understand English, but knew the mans name, Bruce. He continued on to tell us what the voice tells him when he speaks to him.

I was really glad at that moment that my head is void of any crazy voices!

There was a point in this week where I thought I wouldn't be able to live up to the mission expectations that President has recently put on us all as leaders. That's really common for missionaries to feel that way though. I didn't have to think too long about it though. When I look at the mission as a whole, I have come so far. The mission does change you in so many ways. It has been the richest experience of my life. I was made grateful for it all over again. 

Some something from the last world fair in Shanghai

Eating the REAL stuff :-)

The Zone

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