Thursday, June 9, 2016


This week was a pretty fast and good one. We saw lots of good progress with our investigators and also found out that a lot of them have more problems than we previously thought. God knew all too well that I would need some interesting problems to fix to keep me excited about what I'm doing lol. But sometimes you wonder how in the world can some people find themselves in such a deep hole and continue living.

I just learn from them. I won't ever consider making a living of helping people solve their problems either..too many headaches..

We were able to go play on a beautiful beach with our favorite member again last week. Chilling with Taiwanese people is pretty fun as it turns out :-) Especially when you can finally talk to them for hours at a time without any trouble. You make pretty good friends while on your mission. Honestly all the friendships I've made out here alone have made my mission more than worth it!

The best moment of the week though was a contact Elder Falck and I had together. Elder Falck does his best with the language, but its still fun for me to watch him in the early stages of his mission where he's still figuring out the language lol. This man we contacted was probably the most perfect contact any missionary could think of, almost a little cliche, but he was genuine. He kept telling us that ever since he had a spiritual experience last year, he realized how "神奇"(shen2 qi2 meaning "miraculous") all of god's workings were. However, Elder Falck misunderstood him for saying "生氣" (sheng1 qi4 meaning "angry") and butted right in to the rescue by offering to say a prayer for him to not always be so angry at everything. I got a good laugh out of that. :-) Sometimes companions are the best part of your mission haha.

I'm still loving life. Trying to enjoy every second of it. Time goes fast.

But of course I'm still really looking forward to the jungles of Thailand and Cambodia and the coast of Vietnam. I have the best family. Super exciting lives they live.

Life is all about experiences.

Love you all!

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