Sunday, June 19, 2016


Happy Father's Day to my young and awesome dad! World's best. I'm glad there are still so many courageous men in the world who are willing to take the world head on like my dad did. Having a good father is a blessing everyone ought to deserve.

This week was super exciting. We saw two awesome baptisms! I'm not sure how big my role was in their conversion process, but it was certainly fun to watch them over these past few weeks. The baptism was awesome and they're talks afterwards were even better. One got up and she was talking about meeting all these different missionaries and how it switched to me and Elder Falck a couple months ago and how at first she thought I was very witty and funny and that Elder Falck was just dumb (not smart). Says it as directly as that in front of the whole congregation! Everyone busted up laughing! Even Elder Falck. He's a stud. Funny moment! She later apologized by bringing up these huge plates of Costco cookies and brownies! Worth it for sure.

I took out the YM's with me to go street contacting for a night. It was hilarious to watch them being super uncomfortable out there, good reminders of what it was like in the past for me. But thinking of it, they are all so much cooler than I was. Before the mission, if I would've been asked to hang out with missionaries I would've definitely said no. Haha. Good thing I've been able to change. These people are awesome examples to me.

Elder Falck and I are having such a blast together here for my last few weeks. Its cool to think that I now have two best friends living in Taiwan and Sweden, two of my favorite places in this world. If the mission was a complete failure for me, it would still be worth all the awesome friendships I've been able to make out here. Missions are the best.

They're even better when the end is near. I've loved this last transfer and it is just going to get better!

Love you all!

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