Monday, August 11, 2014

ErShiWu Tian!!

25 days left and counting!!!!! holy crap. I get a ton of letters from people mentioning how long ive been in the MTC and how they are so sorry for me but I don't know what they are talking about!! The MTC is so great I'm not even sure if I want to go to Taiwan at all! gourmet food, quality mattresses, rules and rules, white walls, endless class times, i mean what more could i ask for...

Laugh, my jokes are funny.

This past week my district celebrated our official HUMP DAY! I'm on the decline these days. So suck my balls MTC staff you couldn't break this tough little ChuanJiaoShi!! I'm so amped to get out to the field. Every day we look up tons of pictures of Taiwan and I mean what a gorgeous place just waiting for me. Its calling my name as we speak those people need this message I have. bahaha at least hopefully they need it, or else why would i be here?

Elder Wheeler started a fast from English last Monday night. I thought it was hilarious and me Heaps and Elliot all joined in. But poor little tongban didn't find it as funny and had a major meltdown. During his temper tantrum he proceeded to call us all idiots and stupid and annoying and dumb, punched some walls, but the best was in the classroom that morning. He gets up to the board and starts writing something like a mad man and it's making an unusually horrible scratching noise, so once he calmed down and sat in his seat we wiped the board down to find some gnarly scratch marks there. Which actually is kinda cool considering now anytime anyone looks at those scratches they can think about my tongban elder Vaughn. I've always been looking for a way to permanently leave my mark on this place but tongban beat me to it I guess bahaha. It was a sight to see so hope you all know you missed out big time bahahahahah. He's cool though, tongban aint always so crazy.

The fast was especially hilarious as we were hosting the new missionaries. We all bought these tiny whiteboards on which we could write English so we all had written "Where are you going?" and were just screaming at all the new missionaries in Chinese and when they would tell us we'd all shout "AHH HEN HAO!! HEN BANG!! JIA YOU!!" we may have terrified some of them very badly. I will have to repent later for that haha.

Everyone turn to 1 Nephi 17:1-2. I came across this in my reading and it hit me hard. Vs 1 - They did WADE through much affliction. To wade is to walk through deep water, nearly submerging you and completely overcoming you, but not quite, just to the point that you are still able to barely walk. Vs. 2 - "And so great were the blessings of the Lord upon us." We are all nearly drowned in our sorrows and pains in the world from time to time. We wade through some sucky stuff and it is rough. But so great are the blessings of the Lord upon us when we're doing what we should. Nephi was humble enough to recognize in his hardest moments that still the Lord was blessing him so greatly. I want to be that same way. So great are the blessings of the Lord upon me, especially now on the mission. Hopefully that's of some use to one of you as well.

Thursday was our service day. I was left to sweep the entrances to our classroom building outside. I was stoked. I forgot the sky was blue, I assumed it was orange because thats what it is through our lovely tinted windows. And guess what, the sun is yellow not purple!! crazy huh? I learn a ton here in the MTC.

I have now confirmed with the MTC travel office probably 3 times that our set departure date is Sept 5. that adds up to a total of 8 weeks and 1 day of the MTC for me!! Look at us Mandarins...beating the system so effortlessly. and btw, there's 31 of us set to depart on the same plane. 31!!!!!! how nuts is that. I love everyone going to Taipei. literally everyone. I think a requirement to go to Taipei was you had to be a boss and a stud. The brethren did a great job at choosing who all got to go to the coolest place on earth.

My tongban and I were given the prestigious title of the new Online Tech Coordinators in our zone. So we get to train the new missionaries how to send an email and how to type in their username and password and stuff. So pretty important stuff, we're big deals around here now if you know what I mean.

But where our new assignment gets funny is the past coordinators know Vaughn very well and know he believes everything they tell him. Elder Cook and Dunn told Vaughn we get to check everyone's email time and make sure they don't go over 60 minutes every week. Of course Vaughn believes that there really is something tracking our email time and let me tell you, he is SO STOKED to be able to bust people now! He couldn't stop talking about how excited he was to get people in trouble for facebook and such last night. I just have to keep this going till Thursday because that's when Cook told Vaughn we had our orientation on how to monitor everyone's time and whatnot. Thursday may be a funny day for me. I'll probably forget which room our meeting is in and have him ask the front desk about it hahahah.. we'll see I'll think of something.

Lastly. I'm sad to inform you that I have not yet layed eyes on Narnia. I'm too scared to drag tongban there with me because I have a sneaking suspicion he wont like what he sees although I'm super jealous of Robinson Wheeler Huntsman Johnson Humphries and so forth that all get to go daily. Let it suffice to tell you I might have to do splits one day so I too can behold Narnia.

The MTC never ceases to be spiritual. My spiritual experiences greatly outnumber my non spiritual experiences so you can guess that my days are pretty happening around this prison. Actually just happening in the blue book I'm reading. It's fun. Love you all!! Miss everyone. Send me letters. I love hearing from the outside world. I promise I'll always reply! You're all sweet spirits, God loves you and I do too. 

Ai Nimen,

Jin ZhangLao
Elder Jensen

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