Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wo xuyao jide NAIXIN!

Guess what all happened this week??

If you said nothing, you guessed right.

I really don't have anything to write about so this might be the shortest letter I've sent yet. Tongban found out about the Internet joke and he was ticked at me and really at the whole zone too because he was the only one out of all 50 of us that was clueless hahaha. But it was hilarious to watch him while the joke was still going! He was so amped to get people in trouble!! He was nonstop talking to me about what policies we should enforce about going over on email time and also policies about "locking people out of their accounts." it was so funny to watch the little power we held so quickly get to his head.

He's gonna be mad I wrote this, but in his journal one night I read "I can't stand that my tongban has absolutely no regard for the rules! Sometimes I just REALLY want to take away all of his agency!" my companion wishes he could control me. There's definitely a constant struggle for power with this kid hahaha. and honestly I'm fairly obedient around these parts, just not in the way he wants me to be I guess. I think me constantly reminding him we are late to everything because of him doesn't help haha.

CAFE RIO!! what a friggin blessing!! that made my week all better. just to taste food that wasn't frozen for 3 years before.. wow I can't wait to get to the field. LOVE YOU LISA!!!

I miss the family group message. I hope you are still having some funny conversations. maybe send me some screenshots of the funnier threads mom??

We found out we leave on Friday Sep 5 because our President will be in Hong Kong for a while so they either had to send us early or later and our President chose earlier so yeah I basically already love him. assuming it was his choice to send us earlier that is....

During our service this week I was again sweeping outside and the tongban was inside scrubbing door knobs and some righteous teacher comes up to me and asks why I wasn't next to my companion. "He's inside also doing service where the service people have ordered him to go." "Thank you Elder! just wasn't sure if you were breaking some rules or not!!" you're welcome for sweeping the entrance to your classroom Brother Idiot.

The district calls Vaughn "Little Vaughnsie" now. Or "Xiao Fang Zi" which is how you say it in Chinese. I should stick up for him but generally I'm laughing too hard to defend him. I need to be nicer to poor Vaughn bahahah

Glad to hear about the Fieldings. I was worried for them I won't lie. And I was also hoping God would be nice enough to bless their family since people do promise me everyday my family is constantly being blessed beyond measure for my service. So I hope thats the case.

I came across 2 Cor 4:17-18 in my reading! (man I hope thats the right scripture haha!!) Which then took me to D&C 121:7. Peace to your soul, your afflictions are but a small moment. Endure them well and then you will be blessed eternally. Sorry I wish I had some awesome, outstanding experience that I could relate to you better with a story, but I don't. So a scripture will have to do.

Miss you all!! Love everyone! You're all in my prayers.

Jin ZhangLao
Elder Jensen

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