Monday, August 25, 2014

ZuiBuHao de XingQi

Translation: Worst Best Week
Friday August 22 was definitely the worst best day of my mission so far. An emotional rollercoaster. You might wonder why. First thing in the morning we got our travel plans for Sept 5, flying 15 straight hours from SLC to Tokyo Narita, 2 hour layover, then 3 hours or so to Taipei arriving at 10pm on Sept 6. So the whole zone of Taipei-ers is excited out of their minds.


No later than 5 min after I had my plans I was informed I was having visa troubles and had to turn in my immunization record right away.


Promptly turned it in and was assured it would be no problem considering it still had two weeks to get here.


Returned to the classroom and the first thing Wheeler does is give me a huge hug when he sees me to tell me the bad news that the Asian language administrator had just informed them our visas were all going to be delayed a week at the minimum and our plans were cancelled and would now be leaving Sept 12. Huntsman punched the brick wall haha.


Returned to the travel office to ask if my problem caused the whole zone problems as well. They had no idea what I was talking about and assured me they had no news on our visas and that if anyone besides them tried to give us news otherwise then it was false and should not be believed. I was told we were still leaving the 5 and no plans had been cancelled.


Return to the classroom to see the administrator right off and informed him the travel office said there was no delay and we were still on track. To which he said they probably hadn't been informed yet but we were for sure delayed and to just deal with it.


Sat through class semi depressed and completely distracted on my visa situation. Until at the end when two of our sisters walk in and tell us the very administrator who said we were delayed just received news that our visas had been cleared and arrived approx 5 min ago. I was relieved.


Went to pick up mail and stopped by the travel office once again to ask if my visa problems had totally been worked out and if there was anything else I needed to do. They blew up. They had heard nothing about our visas since the time they informed me of my immunization thing and they had no idea where this guy got his info on our delay and also on our visas being cleared. they said that no one had their visas but that they were expecting them and were very optimistic theyd be here soon.


I have my plans for the 5, I am set to leave with everyone else. But no one has a visa and it is still possible no one's will arrive on time or also that everyone's does except the 6, me included, who had problems. So i have no idea if I'll be going to Taipei or not.. But I have faith and a good feeling I will so thats something.

Mom you were worried i have gotten incredibly skinny and am starving. I am still rocking my original 165 lbs I came in on and I discovered a secret room full of healthy and homemade food that I can eat from under the condition that I get heartburn easily which is true. So my diet is fantastic here.

We got the new Mandarins this past Wednesday and Wheeler thought it'd be hilarious to prank them and make them think he was some beast of a person and anger management and whatnot. We got everyone in on it. It was funny. But he told them after like 45 mins of being crazy insane that he was actually a cool guy. Those poor missionaries were scared out of their minds. but theyre all super cool and we like them.

I got made DL yesterday. which is neat. basically I'm mailman now. And i get to sit in on these really fun 3 hour meetings next sunday to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our districts. So that's exciting because now I have double the power as I am online coordinator as well still. Next thing you know imma be mission pres hahahah jk as fun as this little title game is I think I'm indifferent. its too bad. all my tongban wants is power and I tried to help him out by declining to be DL but they wouldn't let me so now I'm also senior companion for the rest of the MTC which he's already expressed he thinks it should be him bahaha!

Last thing I want to share is I think all of us at times feel like we have messed up pretty bad enough times that God might not forgive us. In our devo last night the speaker shared that some missionaries may feel at times that they arent worthy to be out on a mission. That some of us out there had made past mistakes and had tried to repent of them but had recommitted them after going through all the necessary steps to repent and being pronounced clean by the bishop, then trying to repent again, yet still feeling that strong tug of guilt and thinking we can never receive forgiveness after that. The devil wants us to feel we'll never be worthy, that no matter how hard we try to repent, we can't be forgiven. This struck me because although I'm at peace of conscience, I know missionaries out here and people back home that are stuck in this situation. Satan doesn't want us to feel like we can be forgiven. He wants us to think that repentance is a dead end. That there's no reward at the end. Mosiah 26:30 and Moroni 6:8 teach us that "as often as they repent will I forgive them." You can always come back, you can always repair past mistakes. "as often" as we go to God with real intent to change he will welcome us back. "as often". please, I dont know who I am feeling this way for, but whoever it is of you I hope you let this give you hope. I hope you let this calm your fears. Please come back. God will welcome you with open arms.

Sorry. I hope that doesn't come across too strong, I have no idea who it is that I feel like needs to hear this, I'm not calling anyone out. I do this out of love. I tell you all in my emails how much I love you but I don't think you all understand. I wear your names on my heart. All of you and many more are all on a list I keep in my pocket over my heart to remind me to always think of and pray for you individually. Mom let me know of anyone outside of this email who would like their name to be there as well. I really do keep you all in my thoughts constantly. You're all amazing.

Cong wo xin de xia,

Jin ZhangLao
Elder Jensen

PS I have now outlived all the European language fools. Starting my 8th week this wednesday so i am super amped to get out to TAIWAN in 11 days!!!!! (hopefully)

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