Monday, November 3, 2014


So.. I've heard there's been some sad occurences back home recently... I hope everyone is ok. I'm praying for everyone!!

Taipei 101!!!!! What a friggin monster of a building!! Mom you thought the Willes tower was tall... hahaha you are ridiculously high up there in the sky. Taipei is beautiful. Not very tall except the tower so its kinda funny but still super super sick!

friggin tallest building ever

some quality taipei right there

from the 91st floor

This jazz is the wind damper, or the reason the 101 doesn't fall over.  Look it up - super interesting!

We haven't had that eventful of a week since I sent out my last letter, mostly been digging through records books and finding 1000s of less actives and former investigators to call. So lots of apartment time. But also lots of finding time. Talked to lots of people. And the streets have been especially fun lately because Taiwan is having their Presidential elections this week or next not totally sure but theres been a lot of fun rallies to go find at around here in ZhongLi. People take these elections seriously around here. And to think Taiwan is so tiny hahah. Its fun to listen to angry Asians screaming in front of a wild crowd! But these arent scary at all. Taiwanese people wouldn't hurt a fly. Things are nothing here like they've been in Hong Kong recently I've heard.

One funny experience I will share however, we got taken to dinner by a crazy LA the other day at this super super nice and crazy expensive steak place (which means $10 a plate here lol). In this guys record it said he liked to pick one in the companionship he liked and one he did not like. This turned out to be true as 2 minutes into our dinner, he tells us that Willes looks a lot more Shuai (basically means handsome) than me. Then proceeds to say I look like a bad guy on a movie, or like a bad guy from Germany or Russia bahahah. I laughed. Then as the dinner went on he kept telling me he couldn't understand my Chinese because it was so ugly, so started using English with him and asked him why he couldn't understand that and set him in his place haha. But we get into our spiritual share time and Willes turns the time to me to share my thoughts and scripture and this guy started whiny like a 5 yr old that he can't understand me and i speak like a little kid. So told him "You can too understand me and I'm going to share this with you regardless" so I did my spiel and he didn't have anything to say after. I felt like shouting HA after but that wouldn't have brought the Spirit. But I was straight up laughing throughout. It was fun bickering with this guy a little. I miss having people I can have friendly arguments with. So it was a good time for me trying to impress this guy and put him in his place like I used to always try to do at Acceleration with Dayna or at school with mrs. parker. Plus the food was to die for so I was a happy camper.

The last funny experience happened when we were contacting in the square outside our house. We started talking to the man when the little kid comes up to me and starts pulling my hand to come play with him and I'm thinking what the heck, look down, and its this same kid whose mom we talked to in that same square on my very first night in Taiwan. I was so surprised we both remembered each other! Anyways, this guy laughs and tells me its his SON so then I reply, thinking he made a mistake cuz this kid was definitely a girl, super long hair and high voice, "Oh thats your DAUGHTER? I played with her a few weeks ago." He busts up, calls his son over and tells the son I thought he was the dad's daughter. The little kid gets this super mad face on and tells me "Wo shi NANSHENG!" Which means I'm a BOY! He was ticked. And my comp/peike was laughing super hard at me and I was laughing too because I straight up thought it was a girl. NOPE! My bad ahahha!! super funny stuff out here in taiwan.

Other than that not much. Love you all! keep on keeping on!!

yeah I straight up had a burrito with chips and salsa on Saturday.  All of which is NOWHERE to be found here.

temple is lovely stuff here

the most expensive coral ever

the crew!
Jīn ZhǎngLǎo
Elder Jensen

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