Monday, November 17, 2014

Haipa de Mao!

I don't know if that subject translates well or not, hope it does. Supposed to mean "Scaredy Cat" nonetheless. Because freak I have become one all right!!

Dogs have rabies here. I have never been scared of dogs in my life but I am TERRIFIED here!! If you get bit that means 6 syringes to the belly for you! Not gonna happen to me, super terrified of that. hahah I've had a few encounters this past week where I have flipped out. soooo scared now hahaha.

Also terrified of the rain I decided now. Apparently because it is acid rain it will make you go bald. And everyone conveniently forgot to tell me until recently. SO rain is good, as long as I have reinforced and durable head cover. Do not want that TuTou syndrome that happens to a lot of missionaries here.

Me and Heaps, we got it all under control haha

just chuanjiao-ing a bit
People here are ridiculous sometimes. I got to go on exchanges with Elder Heaps for the day in a tough area to chuanjiao a bit. It was a good time!! Two brand new trainies totally clueless wandering the ghetto streets of Taiwan together hahah. I stopped and talked to this woman in a park for a good 15 minutes. Conversation. Then she asks who we are and we say missionaries and immediately she says "sorry, I can't understand what youre saying. Your chinese isn't very good!" hahahaha I busted up laughing and called her out on the spot "You're a liar! You've understood me just fine the past 15 minutes! Don't lie to me!" to which she also started laughing at because she had no where to go with that one. She just says "I'm buddhist, no interest, goodbye." But still SOOOO politely!!! Like I don't even know how to describe it... People here hahaha

We got to Bible bash with some Jehovah Witnesses out on the street a bit. That was a good time. Luckily my knowledge of the Bible is pretty dang good because I study out of it everyday and we straight up owned them. Like got them all flustered and having no way to counter us. Again, SUPER politely, but it still felt pretty good to own them as hard core as we did. He tried to say that Ezekiel 37:19 meant two actually sticks off a tree. Wooden sticks. So then I ask so was Christ on Earth to gather his lost "sheep" or his lost people?? Got him with that one :-)

Taiwanese do not understand sarcasm at all. Yesterday in Priesthood Willes tells everyone I was moving areas tomorrow (today) as a joke, with a smile on his face, and everyone was SO shocked!! You should've seen their faces they were sooo concerned that I had only been there for not quite 6 weeks hahahaha!! Willes tells them all he was just kidding. But even after that I still had 5 or so people come up to me after to make sure I wasn't really moving. bahhahaha so hilarious!!

kottbular in Taiwan!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
This week I had the worst and the best meal of my mission. The worst was a $1 bowl of noodles that I was told had veges in it but no it was these salty tasting boogers of some sort. Like sea sponge or I don't even know what. So gross!! But then my best was we had a family invite us over for Thanksgiving and you wouldn't believe what they had!! Kottbular with Lingon berries!!!!! I was soooooo surprised I probably acted like a little kid in a candy shop hahahahah.
pancakes in a wok! and they tasted DANG GOOD thank you! pretty much the pro-chef around here

Keep living it up everyone!! One thing I've figured can make any and every bad situation brighter is filling your thoughts full of thoughts of gratitude. Whether it be that although I'm getting soaked by this rain from Satan, at least I have a rain coat to keep my hair dry! (tehe) Or when we chuanjiao to where our feet and backs hurt, at least I can walk...and such etc. I haven't had a major downer moment once out here. Maintaining my happy optimistic attitude just fine all right!! 

Love you all!!!

Best Paint Crew on Island
some mainlanders that were so cool!! love their accent too haha

 謝謝韋長老、金長老 蒞臨寒舍 開啟聖恩


林注強(Javon)   陳毓秀(Sherry)  林群弼(Jimmy)

This family is my favorite family on Taiwan easily!! We're gonna get them baptized someday!!

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