Sunday, November 30, 2014


Straight up had thee best P-day of my life up in the taibei area last monday. Our RC's took us to Tamsui (dan shui) and it was beautiful and super nice to just go relax a bit. And eat some good quality food, sooooo good. (Fish ball soup bahahah and this bean curd something?) delicious!

she reminds me so much of Tessa

birth place of Taiwanese romance bahaha

Tamsui Taiwan

You'll all be proud to hear I offered a prayer in a baptismal service yesterday and it was all English. Bhahaha it was hilarious I don't remember how to do it. My grammar has gotten super bad. And I kept wanting to start every sentence in chinese. So that was fun to see how bad I suck at english now :-)

This week on the way home we "accidentally" went through the yeshi (nightmarket). It was such a crazy experience!! they have some some really delicious/friggin nasty looking stuffs for sell. Yep, I saw the snake head liquor stuff again, ill include that pick for you. haha the chinese... always looking for ways to eat absolutely everything they possibly can. including the head of the snake.. its gross looking, i bet that would get you wasted pretty fast.

snake head liquor???

night market

Saturday we made it out to the very outskirt of our area, called Guanyin. Right on the coast, except i didn't see the ocean which i was super sad about, so its straight farm land and rural area (rural as in this is taiwan and there aren't any real rural areas haha) It was SO beautiful and peaceful. I was just riding my bike looking off to the side watching the rice farmers doing their thing out in their fields. It was quiet. Such an awesome experience. Spiritual.

don't be jealous haha


I debated whether i would share this part or not... Mom, don't flip I'M COMPLETELY FINE! BUT hahah I did get hit on my bike for the first time last night. Side swiped by this mad scooter driver and straight up ninja rolled and popped right back up on my feet hahah it was hollywood worthy material. Willes looked like a deer in the headlights hahaha it was perfect! Good news is I didn't even really get a scratch ( don't ask me how that worked out) and my clothes weren't damaged in any way. I landed on a pillow I swear haha. BUT the exciting this now I'm a veteran! I have survived a bike wreck at full speed and left the scene without a scratch! Thank you Heaven!!! 

Taiwan is still beautiful. Slowly getting colder and colder. But still humid as heck.

My Taiwanese family.  Meet the Chen's!!!

Love you all!

Jīn ZhǎngLǎo
Elder Jensen

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