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Not because this week was Hell or anything, but because Hell won a lot of battles against us this week. It was sad, but those xingku (no english equivalent, but like rough life in a positive way haha) moments are good for every missionary to go through. Without going into too much detail, we only had 2 set appts this entire week. total. so LOTS of finding time, which is still good just xingku. Still managed to get 19 lessons and like 4 member visits so we still got to work hahah Willes and I don't stop!

Unfortunately I don't have much to share from this week.. We did have stake conference this weekend and it was hilarious we had Elder Wong from the 70, that guy that gave the fully Cantonese talk in Conference, and he spoke at both sessions. He speaks ok mandarin but english and cantonese are his best so he'd be trying to say something in mandarin and it would eventually just turn into Chinglish as he mixed in english words and then he'd saying "whoops Yingwen Laile!" (english came). It was cracking me up. At the end he gave up and had some english speaking RM come up to translate for him hahaha it was cool. Elder Wong is a stud.

I'm getting rice cheeks. They are real. My face is slowly inflating bahahaha actually its slightly sad but i aint trying to impress any taiwanese chicks so i'm not too concerned about it. until i go home at least hahah! maybe bubble cheeks will be in style when i'm back who knows?

I changed my mind. I will share one experience. We were in a lesson with a kid about our age. He was liking it though I'm not sure how interested he was or not but it was going well. we're like getting towards the end and then his dad, who had been watching us all along, comes out with a huge smile on his face but starts asking about polygamy and saying we should go back to those days cuz polygamy was so much better or something.. so Willes asks if he just came out because he doesn't want us talking to his son. The guy denies it, calms down a bit and leaves for a sec so we continue. But 10 min later he's right back there and this time goes off for about 45 straight min about how great missionaries are and how cool Christianity is but that we missionaries need to know that Christianity doesn't belong in Taiwan because it goes completely against their culture and their ChuanTong (traditions) and that we missionaries are fine to teach other people but if we want to do that then we need to be willing to listen to other people as well and learn a little about Buddism/Daoism. 

I agree. But while we're missionaries, our time really is always so pressed. We just don't really have time to sit and learn about Buddhism. So we respectfully said well we just dont have time for this and left. It was rough, probably the harshest rejection we've gotten.. But no worries we didn't let it affect us. But maybe some of you RM's will remember, its not easy going on a mission. Some days you get home and just laugh because you wonder "how the 'Hell' (it means the place when its capitalized!) did today turn out the way it did??"

Missions are still great though, this week is shaping up, we have a billion people taking us out to eat this week and were going to TAIPEI today for some quality fun!!!

Love you all!!

Jīn ZhǎngLǎo
Elder Jensen
they got some Christmas spirit here after all!

I went to France for a day, just for kicks

bunch of shuaige's right here
Elder Jensen, Elder Westover, Elder Willes and Elder Bennion

spreading the good word while watching an impressive water show

thats a pig bone btw.  genuine meat right-off-the-bone right there!!

Another random shuaige. haha I decided I need to take more pictures!

My Taiwanese family :-) hotpot restaurants make my life!

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