Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 28, 2015

I'm really excited. Not about my past week. But about this coming week. We have two baptisms, Brother Wang and Brother Xu. In the mountains!!! And I'm so stoked. I miss being able to go to the mountains whenever I wanted to. Also today is our temple day, hence on Wednesday.

This past week was actually packed of awesome progression in terms of our investigators. We have some awesome ones right now. I would like to take credit for how cool they are, but really it is all them. Bet you wouldn't have guessed that one coming.

The mission life has been a thousand times easier since they combined mine and Elder King's former areas. We have things happening! And I'm not stressed everyday about having no work anymore.

But I decided one thing. Although it sucks to be in really hard areas and face rejection from everyone including their dogs, all of my best mission stories thus far have all been in SiYuan, a major devil of an area. And looking back on this past week where things are going really well in DanFeng, although it was exciting and awesome for us, nothing hilarious happened. So, perhaps I miss those hardships because they honestly brought some of my favorite memories.

One story from this past week though. We are the streets contacting people. Its 100 degrees. At this point I'm considering which would be the least painful, passing out in the heat, or drowning in my sweat. But as we are walking up to a corner, I notice this kid pretty far away from us crossing the road. I don't know if it was the Spirit or just crazy impulse, but I yell out "Hey, stop!" and sprint over to him. If I were him I would've ran away haha, having a crazy white kid running after you must've been a fun sight for him. I get up to him panting and say, "Sorry, I just really want to tell you a story," (something I have never said before on the street) and then proceed to catch my breath a bit. Putting myself in his shoes, such a funny image! He actually stops and starts talking to us. We start sharing a bit of the first lesson with him. Somewhere in there I ask him why he didn't run away. He says, "I was about to, but then you said you had a story to tell me. And I really love hearing stories. So I thought I would listen for a second." I guess stuff like this actually happens sometimes.. Cool stuff.

I will have a lot more to tell you next week.

our mountain view on a clear morning

look close and you can see Taipei 101


finally got around to celebrating the big 20!

check out these devil spiders we have crawling around here

Taiwan is so humid, you can see it.....

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