Monday, August 3, 2015


Baptisms are pretty much the highlight of a mission. They are even more of a highlight when you are outside, way up in the mountains, in a huge river, with two awesome people you love dearly. This past weekend was a memory I won't forget.

Before I mention too much about the baptism I have some other fun stuff for y'all. I got in another bike wreck. But I tell you, angels support me every time because I have only actually tipped over twice. This past week, I'm riding downhill and of course my brakes just happen to have worn out a little recently to the point that as I'm taking a fast left turn down an alley, there is a man chewing BinLang that ignores the stop signals and hauls forward to where we literally hit head on. Although my back tire flew up 10 feet in the air, I landed on my feet and this man sat undisturbed. Elder King got a good kick out of the scene. Sometimes I wish I was my companion so I could see some of these things happen instead of experience them. However, I would take experiencing over spectating any day.

I need to replace my unbalanced back tire now. That is $600NT ($20) I don't want to pay...

Taiwanese people as a whole have the highest moral code of any people I have ever witnessed. As we were walking down a crowded street (no one understands "crowded" till they come to Taiwan), I get a call and sit down at a table and set my water bottle on the table. I forget about my water bottle for the rest of the day until 6 hours later I realize I don't have it. We go back to this place and lo and behold it is still sitting on the table amidst the crowds of thousands walking past it. This isn't the first time something like this has happened here. I am very impressed by the way these people govern their lives.

Another shout out to my Taiwanese family, last Wednesday we are on the subway headed for Taipei. Luckily because of where we live, we are at the end of a subway line so it is usually pretty easy to get seats as not many people have got on yet. I cannot wait for my family to experience the subways here. The only other place I've been so smashed in a crowd of people is at the front row of a concert. It is insane. Yet, if it weren't for the rumble and screeching of the railroad, I could hear a penny drop. People here are so unique. The thing I noticed that was most intriguing as I sat there was the subways here are color coded, light blue for anyone and dark blue for disabled and elderly. Regardless of how packed those cars can get though, those dark blue seats are always either filled by elderly or empty. This culture has many virtues to it.

After the temple on Wednesday, we were invited up to President Jergensen's home for brownies where him and Sister Jergensen all talked with everyone and served us ice cream. They are so cool. I didn't think that being one of 220 other missionaries would allow you to get to know your mission president too well, but I want to give them a shout out for how well they treat us. We are family and everyone can feel it. It's so awesome.

As for 烏來, we woke up and got dressed right into our suits. Ran up to the chapel up the street and boarded a massive bus full of our ward members. Drove an hour or so up into the mountains. Beautiful scenery, dramatic landscape. I get dressed into my whites. Jump down into the river in front of a crowd of the 300+ spectators from the entire stake. I could actually see my feet standing in the river, the water was that clear! Somewhat chilly, but just about perfect. I look up as our two investigators are standing there. I catch a glimpse of one saying a quick prayer and the other smiling bigger than his mouth could go. Although it was a quick instant, the memory drags it out a bit. It was a unique experience. I was a lucky duck for sure.

swimming against the current but staying in the same spot is the taiwanese style of swimming laps.  it's smart really.



烏來 is where the first baptism in Taiwan was performed as well. Fun fact.

caught in the very act.

Life is about experiences. Going on a mission is an experience you couldn't forget even if you tried, no matter how you felt about it over all. I'm just glad I actually really like mine.

Keep smiling!

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