Monday, August 24, 2015

This week was a dream.

Sometimes I forget I'm alive. I don't know how to explain it.

I have been reading The Miracle of Forgiveness lately. President Kimball illustrates a convict's life a little as part of explaining our potential bondage to sin. In his tangent, I got distracted on the fact that I really have been living outside of reality for a while, much like convicts do in a prison cell. Of course its different though. I'm not sure what it is like to be released after a 10 year sentence to jail, but I'm sure it's much like waking up from a dream. Walking off the plane has got to be similar on a much more minute scale. Those were my thoughts this morning.

Good news is my "dreams" have been awesome lately! 淡水 is the place to be in Taiwan. Everyone and their dog comes here to play. I can see why, it's gorgeous. Along that same note, I have met people from nearly every city in Taiwan and every country in Asia. It's cool. Best part is the different ethnicities of food around here. There is a Pakistani place next to where we go contacting. I love it to say the least.

So, we don't meet a lot of people from here, thus finding investigators is tough. However, we find so many awesome people for other missionaries, already some missionaries have gotten back to us that they are having success with the people we are finding. I remember what it felt like to be on that receiving end in my other areas. It feels even better to be helping others out now. Giving is better than receiving as the old maxim goes.

My English slowly gets awful. Which is ridiculous because sometimes I get stuck on the Chinese, so I go to say it in English, but I still 說不出來. (to give you an example.) 

Taiwan was skirted by a Typhoon again this weekend. No damage done, but lots of wind and drizzling rain. Weather in Taiwan is much different from home.

This past week we made it out to 三芝 which is part of our area along the Northern coast of Taiwan. I saw the ocean during daytime. It was nuts. It's been a while for me. We have some nice deserted beaches available to us on P-days to come. We also ate at a Texas BBQ place that was like walking into America for an hour. It was a surreal sensation.

After going to Frank's Texas BBQ, however, I decided I am not in Taiwan forever. I ought to eat Chinese while I can. So I formally gave up on my quest to find Mexican here in Taiwan. Cafe Rio will be there when I get home, right?

Have a good week!

PS Shout out to my cousins in Central America, Grand Tetons and Mt. Rainier. Thank you for living my dreams for me. LOL

Taiwanese nachos still don't compare to Mexican nachos

Indian curry chicken rice

Elder Brandley

My home

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