Monday, August 10, 2015


I'm sure for all of those who saw on the news are wondering about the Typhoon was that we encountered last week. It was fun. :-)

This week got off to a great start last Monday as I was finally able to go watch Taiwan's "Changing of the Guard." It was in the beautiful part of Taipei. DC was probably still more impressive, although in Taiwan they allow you to get as close to the man with the rifle as you possibly can without touching him. Most the people there with us were Koreans going wild and the security guards were having a panic attack about all the swarming Koreans. That was entertaining to watch.

emptiest place in Taipei, go figure!

Chinese ceiling paintings, beautiful in my opinion!

Almost perfectly symmetrical.  Is Christina impressed??

following them the whole way down, gotta get that perfect view!

The next day we got to ride our bikes forever away to a meeting. We took the sister's along with us. It was 90 degrees and 100% humidity. (there about at least) The good news is we did not get lost. Getting lost just means more sweat time for us.

We still made it to Ikea on Thursday night luckily.

But the climax of the week rests on Friday/Saturday of course. We had a Typhoon hit Taipei about a month ago, and it really wasn't super impressive. Which caused me to think all typhoons weren't much of anything. On Friday as we were doing our service, the winds really started to kick in. That night we went out, attempting to contact people. We had one woman stop. She was tiny. However, I was impressed as she held her ground while we still spoke to her in between the gusts that nearly carried me away. It was entertaining for us, she didn't accept anything, but still worth it.

Saturday morning we woke up to a storm. A mean storm. Elder King starts doing some crunches as I call out to him that we are going to run the mountain near our house. He looks up with a priceless expression asking, "Are you crazy?!" I am. We ran through those streets dodging the many street signs flying around and random tree branches being tossed at us. Once on the mountain in the thick forest, we almost couldn't even get anywhere because 100's of trees were uprooted or snapped blocking the path. We made it about half way up when the winds got so intense that I may have been a little scared for my life. We ended up standing behind a big tree for 5 minutes while the hellish winds were going wild before we ran right down and got right home out of the mess. I was soaked as you could imagine.

Typhoon Soudelor

Before church on Sunday I was handed a saw and got to chop up a massive tree that had blown over on top of the gate to get into the chapel. It felt really good to "roll up the sleeves" so to speak.

We had our last investigator confirmed on Sunday. It was a good one. We also were able to set two new baptismal dates. 

Pretty much this week was what any mission could ask for. I am very content. Peace is a good feeling as a missionary.

Until next week!

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