Monday, August 31, 2015


How is everyone's tan coming along? I looked at myself in the mirror the other myself a pretty good quality farmer's (missionary's?) tan going that I would be willing to put money on being the best looking!

Actually I haven't seen the sun for 10 or so days now... Part of living on a sub-tropical island I guess...

Last week was fun. On our short hike last Monday, I ran into a man from Germany. We talked for nearly an hour. It was crazy, it made me so dang happy to talk to someone who knew about things going on in the outside world and could express it in perfect english. It's interesting to hear European's take on the mess that is ever present in American politics lately. His comments were cracking me up. Perhaps my roots are stronger in me than I supposed. I want to live in Europe for a while. I love them Germans!!

This week I devoted myself to eating orange chicken and moon cakes. Chinese food is so dang good. Whoever comes to Taiwan to pick me up, I can hook you up with an extra couple inches on that waist size for sure haha. Taiwanese food, it's so good it kills me.

Elder Brandley loves the Indian/Pakistani place thats in our area, so we ate there probably every other day. I was down. Indian curry and chapati is to die for.

We went to visit an LA this past Saturday. She lives up on the mountain. Her home is the super old traditional Chinese home style. It was so dang dirty and gross!! I loved it. :-) Like walking back into time 500 years to old China. But this lady is already a crack up with how forward and honest she is, there are no limits with her, but then to add to it she invited her friend over so we could have another male present. He is the skinniest man I have ever seen. And he REEKED of rancid alcohol breath. My eyes stung when he spoke. Between this man living in his drunk fairyland and our loud and nagging LA, there were some good conversations going. And better for us, we managed to get some gospel in there as well. I left that room having seen a drunk man pull some Kungfu moves on our LA, our LA say some things to me that almost shocked me out of my missionary self, and soaking wet because of the leaking roof. It was the best visit I have made on my mission yet!

There was a break in the clouds last week. We sat on a bench outside for dinner and watched a street performer cover songs by Coldplay and Ed Sheeran on his guitar. I was surprised to see I could still remember the songs! It was nuts. But what a sureal moment that was for me. I'm in Asia. I'm speaking Chinese. I'm eating legit Asian food. Life is a dream, just as I said last week. I love it.

Taiwan is the place to be. Hope you all aren't too jealous. Have a good week!


Some people weren't so lucky this past typhoon....

The coast line that I preach to every night.

my favorite shaved ice in the world!

the Wang family

hiking again!

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