Sunday, May 1, 2016


Last Monday we got out to email early as we were going to play in Yingge with an investigator's family. It was a great time! Going to those old style Chinese streets and eating the "traditional" stuff is a super good time! I was also able to see again that I can still somewhat throw a pot after all this time, so that made me pretty freaking happy! Ceramics here I come!

I've gotten a Chinese shaved ice again nearly everyday this week. Talk about crazy amounts of sugar, however, once I get to America I'm guessing there isn't even a slight chance that I'll find a shaved ice place with flavors like sweet pinto beans, brown sugar sauce, sweet and condensed milk, grass jelly, and taro flavored jelly balls. Trust me, there is nothing like it!

A good funny but friggin gross moment from the week was as we went to visit a member, his mother grabbed us a glass of drinking water out of courtesy. Luckily I had brought my own water bottle, so I didn't drink much of it at the start. However, as I was getting up to leave, I grabbed it and said "Now, let me drink all of this before I go," again out of courtesy. But after the first mini sip, I noticed there was a floating thing in it. So I take a good look in there. Huge chunks of floating COBWEBS!

Yeah I didn't drink it all.

Perhaps the craziest moment of the week was when we were out contacting one night. We ran into an American expat. He first talked to my companion making fun of him for being from Utah. Luckily my companion is not a Utah boy so we put him back in his place with that one LOL. Sat and talked with him for a bit. He told us all about his life story. It was interesting. The man was perhaps one of the most professional psychologists in the nation, he had all the credentials to go with it. Left the nation when he was framed for smoking weed and that crushed his record. Super interesting stuff. He then asked us some religious questions, which I was glad for so I didn't feel too much like I was wasting my time. We both bore some powerful testimony. It was super neat. Until in the end, looking directly at me, he said, "When I saw you, I felt something different, and I've seen many of you. Why don't you come by my shop this week and I'll let you look at my charts." I was a bit confused at that, added in there that I don't have any money and that if I really did come by it would be to share a message with him is all. His reply, "Well that won't work then."

Everyone is just out for their own interests I guess.

The best part of the week was last night though. We had the new member fireside. I saw Elder Dong again for the first time since Christmas. I was so happy. And better yet. I was surprised to see two friends of mine that Elder Dong and I found together that have since been baptized that I didn't know about till last night. So cool!!

Have a great week!

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