Sunday, May 22, 2016


This past week had a few highlights. Here's a good summary of my time in Xizhi for you:

Last P-day we had the idea to go bike up a canyon near our house. We figured the road wouldn't get too steep...Until we were walking those bikes up the 89 degree hills. Completely tucked away into the thick undergrowth of a tropical island. We saw some people in the chinese temples who thought we were pretty crazy. Sure enough that road took us to the top of the tall mountain. The view was priceless. We started to head down towards a different far off place, but accidentally took a wrong turn, which was the biggest blessing of the day as right when we hit the bottom of the hill in the middle of Taipei, the gnarliest lightning storm I've ever seen here let out all at once. Elder Falck and I rode home through the flash floods the roads became and were just a little wet when we walked in the door. On the way we stopped to get some Costco muffins. It was a nice treat to celebrate surviving that endeavor.

We made it out to central Taipei on exchanges with our zone leaders. We were right up next to the Taipei 101 tower. It was nuts to see signs like "Chili's" or "Krispy Kremes" or "Jamba Juice" or "Texas Roadhouse" and all that stuff. Funny too was most everyone we stopped and talked to there lived in Xizhi lol. So we pretty much went finding for me out there haha. I'm so happy to be where I'm at in Xizhi.

We saw a lot of really good success with investigators this week which was super awesome. Missions are pretty fun when the work goes smoothly. I'm loving every breath of it. I think thats how it should be for the last few months. Here's to the two remaining!

Yesterday was the most chaotic and crazy Sunday of my life.

We met with an investigator who we had had some very poorly taught lessons with and we were honestly really surprised that she would still meet with us again. But this lesson was wonderful. We taught 1 Nephi 8. Such a miracle.

However proceeding that miracle, we had some crazy preventable but hilarious surprises. Elder Falck rides his bike over a massive hole and pops his tire hard. We are out of a bike. We take Elder Griffin's bike without telling him. Misread some signs and ride up onto the freeway. End up having to climb over a wall with our bikes and through a large hedge and drop them down to the right spot. All for the people sitting in the temple nearby to see and enjoy lol. But the good one was a member we went to visit. She had accidentally offended one of our investigators and has felt super bad since. She had just been thinking about it again, apparently praying about it, then the thought came to her that we would be coming over soon. She cut us up a pineapple and prepared some cookies. Little did we know she would be so prepared for our surprise visit to tell her the exact comforting words to not worry about her mistake that she had been praying for just minutes before. 

Call it coincidence if you will. I think God works in mysterious ways.

I'm excited for another fun week! Hope you all are as well!!

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