Sunday, May 22, 2016


This week I don't have the letter writing spirit in me. So I'll just explain two pictures 就好了.

Last Monday we woke up early to a major rain storm. It semi bummed me out because we had some awesome plans all laid out to go play in the mountains. We had to change our plans last second. We decided we would just take an inside day. But that didn't sit well with me so I called our member Brother Luo up and he said that heck yeah we were still going out to play! That got me super stoked! So we called it back on. The rest of the day was a total blast! You can have fun on rainy days. Just pretend its not there and you're good to go! We saw a waterfall, ate a huge lunch, set up a sky lantern, then convinced Brother Luo to take us on the super sketchy hike even though it was super rainy outside hahah. I climbed the last ladder shoeless because it was so slippery. Reminded me a bit of being on Angel's landing in Zion during the winter with all the ice up there.

The other one was after a super long service project we had on saturday night. First off you need to understand that Elder Falck forgets random things of his all the time and I always make fun of him for it. So we were super late getting back to the house. We only had like 30 minutes to go out and proselyte for the night. We were super rushed trying to get all changed and put back together so we could go back out and make the most of that time. When we got to the elevator Elder Falck says "Oh shoot, I forgot my bag." Runs out the elevator and into the house when he finally realized it was on his shoulder haha. Comes back into the elevator and we start heading down when Elder Griffin busted up laughing and said "Elder Falck, you forgot something else too." He wasn't wearing a tie :-)
But at this point we had such little time and I wanted to go so we didn't go back to get him one. We just went out and did work. And we did work. We found an awesome new investigator even. Tieless. For you RM's, you'll understand how funny that is.

I love where I'm at right now. We go out and do work everyday and it's fun to just get lost in the work. I ain't about that trunky life. Elder Falck and I are having a blast together!

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